The Army Human Resource System (AHRS)

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The Army Human Resource System (AHRS) known as the Electronic Military Personnel Office or (eMILPO) is a web based multi-tiered application. It provides the Army Human Resource Community with a reliable mechanism for performing personnel actions and strength accountability. The System consolidates 43 Personnel Information Systems in one. This system provides visibility of the location, status, and skills of Soldiers in the United States Army. The primary users of this system are Human Resource Soldiers, Commanders, and First Sergeants. The primary features and functions of eMILPO include Personnel Services, Personnel Accounting, Reassignments, Promotions, Readiness, Workflows, System Services, PERSTEMPO, and DTAS. The minimum system requirements to use eMILPO are Internet Access, Microsoft Internet Explorer, AKO Access, CAC card and CAC card reader, and access to the system. Because eMILPO is an internet based application you have to have internet access in order to use the system. It is recommended that your system configuration is set up to best view eMILPO by setting your screen resolution to 1024 pixels by 768 pixels. It is also recommended that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher for best results. A desktop or laptop computer with a Pentium class processor is required to access this application. If you want to print reports you will also need a printer and the software and drivers to run that printer. eMILPO uses webservers and application servers as part of the hardware to run this system. The system uses Dell servers running Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server or Microsoft Windows Enterprise Server. The software that the eMILPO System uses to run their web application and the servers that are u... ... middle of paper ... ...ers Date of Rank. The user can also laterally promote someone to a different rank but within the same grade. This function also provides two different reports that are used to determine if a Soldier is eligible for promotion to the next grade by attending a promotion board. The output information that each function has can vary. The same information can be output to several different things that either the Commander can use or the Soldier can use. All of the information that this system inputs goes into a big database that can be accessed by another information system outside of eMILPO. This system is a very powerful system and can be used for several different purposes. Like I said earlier this system combines 43 different Information Systems into one powerful system that allows the Army to update and maintain a Soldiers record from one application or system.

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