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  • United States Army Special Forces

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    The United States Army Special Forces The first military establishment was formed before the United States was officially declared a country for the purpose of meeting the needs of the colonists during the American Revolution. The Army’s mission is to fight and win the Nation’s wars by providing prompt, sustained land dominance across a full range of military operations. Although the history of the United States Army is deeply rooted in the country’s history, the implementation of the United States

  • The United States Army as a Profession of Arms

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    The United States Army, in its current state, is a profession of arms. In order to be considered a profession, the organization must have an ethical code rooted in values, strong trust with its clients, and be comprised of experts within the trade. These experts are constantly developing the trade for the present and the future and hold the same shared view of their trade culture. The Army currently has an ethical code ebodied in the Army Values, which provides guidance to the individual and the

  • Managing Diversity in the United States Army

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    The United States Army consists of soldiers from many diverse cultures. Citizenship is not a requirement to join the Army, so people enlist from across the United States as well as from many countries around the world. The Army has its own unique culture that is a conglomeration of the many cultures that make up its population. Each new soldier is expected to adapt to this new culture and integrate as a member of a larger team. Helping new soldiers make this adaptation as quickly as possible

  • Analysis of The United States Army

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    profession. The United States Army is about more than words, it is about action. The action of over 238 years of tradition and service. The Army is a profession. A profession requires its members to adhere to prolonged training and learn specialized skills. A member of a profession must wholly commit himself and his skills to a calling which is entrusted by the public. A profession provides its members with intrinsic value which motivates beyond financial gain. The Army is a higher calling

  • The United States Army and Globalization

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    as a whole. The Strategic goals of the United States Army have remained consistent for many decades, relevance and readiness. The security challenges of the new century are testing our force in ways we have never experienced before, and will continue to change as Globalization spreads amongst our Allies and enemies. The emergence of unconventional warfare and the asymmetric threats we now face around the globe is stretching the capabilities of not only the Army but all branches of the Armed Forces

  • United States Army Weapons Intelligence Team

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    United States Army Weapons Intelligence Teams (WIT) play a crucial role in the intelligence gathering of the weapons systems that the enemy employs on today’s battlefield. It is because of these specialized teams of Soldiers and the unique skills they possess that we, as an Army, have been able to develop and implement Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) that have saved countless American and Coalition Forces lives. The very first Weapons Intelligence Teams began their initial training at

  • The Subculture of the United States Army

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    One subculture within the United States is that of the US Army. The Army defends the nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It is an exclusive group since not everyone in the country serves in the Army. The US Army’s official birthday is June 14, 1775, however its origins are much earlier than that. During British colonialism, citizens often had to take up arms to defend themselves, primarily against the Indians, since the British did not have a significant military presence in America

  • Downsizing and Job Uncertainty Within the United States Army

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    Currently the United States Government is forced to take measures to reduce their operating budget. One course of action is sequestration. Under sequestration, an amount of money equal to the difference between the cap set in the Budget Resolution and the amount actually appropriated is "sequestered" by the Treasury and not handed over to the agencies to which it was originally appropriated by Congress, (Johnson, 2005). Sequestration will affect all departments in the government. Unfortunately

  • The Restructuring and Enhancing of the United States Army

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    During the overall restructuring of the United States Army current active Army units began to transform into modular organizations to enhance the capability to perform its mission by making them a quickly deployable, flexible and lethal unit than had been previously structured. Therefore, Combat Aviation Brigades were developed and are multi-functional, allowing for a combination of attack helicopters, reconnaissance helicopters, medium lift helicopters, heavy lift helicopters, and medical evacuation

  • United States Army and Homosexuality Tolerance

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    United States Army and Homosexuality Tolerance Abstract This integrated portfolio project will explore the United States Army position on homosexuals within its confines. It will briefly define what homosexuality and its' affect on the military environment. It will explore the problems it causes and why it is a cultural discomfort within the U.S. Armed Forces. Additionally, it will reveal different attitudes held within the services and divulge steps that are taken to deal with those