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  • Managing Diversity in the United States Army

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    The United States Army consists of soldiers from many diverse cultures. Citizenship is not a requirement to join the Army, so people enlist from across the United States as well as from many countries around the world. The Army has its own unique culture that is a conglomeration of the many cultures that make up its population. Each new soldier is expected to adapt to this new culture and integrate as a member of a larger team. Helping new soldiers make this adaptation as quickly as possible

  • The United States Army as a Profession of Arms

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    The United States Army, in its current state, is a profession of arms. In order to be considered a profession, the organization must have an ethical code rooted in values, strong trust with its clients, and be comprised of experts within the trade. These experts are constantly developing the trade for the present and the future and hold the same shared view of their trade culture. The Army currently has an ethical code ebodied in the Army Values, which provides guidance to the individual and the

  • Analysis of The United States Army

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    profession. The United States Army is about more than words, it is about action. The action of over 238 years of tradition and service. The Army is a profession. A profession requires its members to adhere to prolonged training and learn specialized skills. A member of a profession must wholly commit himself and his skills to a calling which is entrusted by the public. A profession provides its members with intrinsic value which motivates beyond financial gain. The Army is a higher calling

  • The United States Army Recruitor

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    Becoming a member of the United States Army Recruiter means one must have a physical and mental toughness to perform the duty. Likewise, pose strong sales skills, ability to cultivate and build relationships, listening skills, strong follow-up skills and personable and approachable etc. Moreover, an individual must have a strong verbal and written communication skills and knowledge of all aspects of the Army to assist civilians who are interested in joining the Army. Thus, such skills are an essential

  • The Subculture of the United States Army

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    One subculture within the United States is that of the US Army. The Army defends the nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It is an exclusive group since not everyone in the country serves in the Army. The US Army’s official birthday is June 14, 1775, however its origins are much earlier than that. During British colonialism, citizens often had to take up arms to defend themselves, primarily against the Indians, since the British did not have a significant military presence in America

  • Soldier's Common Tasks In The United States Army

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    On today’s modern battlefield, it is important to be proficient in Soldier common tasks. Since 2001, the United States Army has participated in over six combat areas across four countries. The United States Army has also sent thousands of advisors to more than a dozen counties. The pace the Army sets has continually been high with the train up and deployment of Soldiers. This pace is sustainable due to the universality of Soldiers established by proficiency in their common tasks. These Soldier

  • The Role Of Warrant Officer In The United States Army

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    Officer in the United States Army is not difficult to define, but I believe it hard to see because we were always the quiet professional behind the scenes. The Army defines a Warrant Officer as “a self-aware and adaptive technical expert, combat leader, trainer and advisor. Through progressive levels of expertise in assignments, training and education, the warrant officer administers, manages, maintains, operates, and integrates Army systems and equipment across the full spectrum of army operations

  • Becoming A Military Strategist For The United States Army

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    Obstacle 1, earn a degree in Strategic and Defense Analysis. What does this degree mean? It means my all-time dream of becoming a military strategist for the United States Armed Forces. Before I even talk about my degree, let me explain the process of earning a Bachelor’s

  • Parallel Criticism of The Lottery and The United States Army Lottery Draft

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    negative consequence of the action, thus the “greatest happiness rationale” rules. This further implies that the welfare of the entire population is more important than the welfare of a sole individual. Shirley Jackson’s, “The Lottery”, and the United States military draft lottery demonstrate two different examples of lottery practices – the stoning in “the Lottery” and the raising of military manpower through the draft lottery. Both of these examples claim the major aim is allegedly for the welfare

  • Human Resources In The United States Army

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    The Importance of Human Resources in the United States Army Human Resources (HR) is an important function in the United States Army: without the HR system, personnel would have unresolved personal issues (i.e. finances, etc.). Soldiers with problems will be ineffective to the United States Army, causing a disruption in the military’s readiness. The disruption causes failures in missions both in combat and in garrison. Soldiers will not be mentally prepared to conduct day to day missions let

  • Reasons To Follow Orders In The United States Army

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    Source Google) This is the oath I took when I joined the National Guard and it states that I will follow my orders. “Military discipline and effectiveness is built on the foundation of obedience to orders. Recruits are taught to obey, immediately and without question, orders from their superiors, right from day-one of boot camp.. Military discipline is one of the biggest requirements for United States Army soldiers. It is a learned skill that civilians differ from soldiers.” (https://www.ukessays

  • Personal Narrative: My Mom Served In The United States Army

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    My mom served in the United States Army for four years . She was stationed in Fort drum New York she had been to Afghanistan and many other places. She surprises when she came home for the military, being in there for more than four years she came home Spring break 2011. At the time me and three other siblings were living with our grandparents in Gwinnett County Georgia. We were lived with our grandparents for eight years while are mother was deployed .One day my mom came to pick us up from my

  • Why was the United States Army forced to Withdraw from Vietnam?

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    The Vietnam War, also known as the American War, and the Second Indochina War started on December 1956. 58,000 Americans were killed. The war ended on the 30th April 1975, along with a withdrawal of the United States army, and the South and the North of Vietnam reunited. The US government, led by Lyndon Baines Johnson, tried to stop communism from spreading in North Vietnam, because if Vietnam became a communist country, the nearby countries, such as Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia may be affected and

  • Trials and Achievements of Women Nurses of WWII

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    The purpose of this essay is to explain and provide information concerning the bravery and trials our Nations World War II Nurses endured. During World War II the need for Army Nurses was so great that the Army Nurse Corps started allowing healthy willing women to join, and the United States Military found many uses for these eager ladies. The change in American society during World War II included more opportunities and a higher status for American Women Nurses with increasing educational advantages

  • NCO 2020 Strategy

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    United States Army Training and Doctrine Command: NCO 2020 Strategy SPC Parham, Michael Anthony B Company, 299 BEB, 1 SBCT, 4 ID The NCO, also known as the Non-Commissioned Officer of the United States Army was created in 1775 with the founding of the Continental Army. Over the generations, the Non-Commissioned Officer grew and flourished, training, teaching and mentoring soldiers to ensure readiness. Thus, the NCO became “The Back Bone of the Army” and the “Leader of Soldiers”

  • Chemical Defense Training Facility

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    with which training has been, and continues to be conducted within its facilities. History The Chemical Defense Training facility was originally located at Fort McClellan, Alabama. The Chemical School was established at Fort McClellan in 1979 (U.S. Army, 1986), but after the Base Realignment and Closure Commission decided to close Fort McClellan the training was moved to the new location in Fort Leonard Wood. The official closing ceremony was held on May 20, 1999. In the article “The End of an

  • Gender Norming

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    standards. One of the most widely known is the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). It tests the maximum amount of push-ups and sit-ups a person can do in two minutes. Along with completing a two-mile run in the allotted time prescribed. The APFT is different from any other standardized test I have ever seen. It is painfully obvious that the test is severely skewed in the females favor. About fifteen years ago, “a group of sports medicine experts in the Army decided that the standards for the females

  • Profession Of Arms Essay

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    SFC United States Army Profession of Arms The Secretary of the Army and the Army Chief of Staff directed that CG TRADOC lead a review of the Army profession. To be able to review the Army profession the author divided the article in four sections: The Army as a Profession of Arms, The Army’s Professional Culture, At the Core of Culture, the Army Ethic and The army Ethic and External Relations. The Human Resources Sergeant play an important role in each of this sections. The Army as a

  • The Art of War, by Sun Tzu

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    gone the way of chariots and archers? One thing obviously has not changed: war is still an ongoing part of the life of a nation. The United States especially has been involved in so many wars and conflicts from its formation that one begins to wonder whether it has become embedded in American society. According to Sun Tzu, “Warfare is the greatest affair of state, the basis of life and death, the Way (Tao) to survival or extinction. It must be thoroughly pondered and analyzed”. Sun Tzu stated that

  • Exploring the Critical Role of HR in the US Military

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    The United States Military have a vast variety of Military Occupational Skills (MOS). Human resource (HR) has one of the most critical MOS in the United States army. Human resources sergeants has one of the most difficult tasks when dealing with Soldiers issues, and guidance. Establishing the commanders intent, to adapting and evaluating, manning the force, integrating policies that benefit the force. Human resources has to overcome professional roles and adapt to make it a profession. HR needs