Analysis Of The Article ' 4 Ways Of Increase Employee Satisfaction ' Pay Attention '

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The article “4 Ways To Increase Employee Satisfaction: Pay Attention” was originally published on June 24th, 2016 on Joan Moran is the author of this article and is also a creative thought leader, blogger, and wellness expert. Whenever Joan goes to a supermarket to purchase groceries, she always analyzes the persona and charisma of the cashier checking her out. This article breaks down how employee satisfaction has a high correlation with corporate success through out a company. The four important aspects that Joan explains will lead to employee satisfaction includes attitudes, employee’s needs, emotional connection, and how satisfied employees lead to higher corporate profits. Joan starts off by explaining how the attitudes of employees is vital for a company’s success. For most people, often times there are outside factors that contribute to an employees positive or negative attitude such as family matters and sleep deprivation. Factors that an organization can have a direct impact on an employee’s attitudes can include the working conditions, stress factors, and the company’s mission statement. At the end of the first section of the article Joan offered the idea that management of an organization with high turnover should get creative and design protocols that favor happy working conditions. This mainly ties into chapter 3 when we learned about employee attitudes, specifically organizational commitment. As addressed in the article, creating a positive work environment is crucial and two important factors of that are positive relationship-oriented leadership and support, as well as transparent communication. The second way Joan believes what increases employee satisfaction is meeting the employee’... ... middle of paper ... ... that it highly correlates to multiple aspects of what we learned about in class, but also because it is a personal narrative of a customer having a pleasant experience at a local supermarket store. Joan Moran takes her experience and relates it to her prior knowledge about organizational success within a company. The most significant details I will remember from this article are meeting an employee’s core physical, emotional, and monetary needs that eventually lead to higher corporate profits. In regards to what we have learned about so far in class, this article is a prime example of how crucial employee satisfaction is to a company’s success and just shows the information we are learning in class is actually relevant and will be tools we can use in management, finance, marketing or whatever division of business the business world we end up devoting our career to.
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