Leadership and motivation

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Leadership styles:
Describe situations in which you needed to use different leadership styles.
McGregor’s X and Y Theory:
X and Y theory by Douglas McGregor explains the two contrasting theories of human motivation and management. Theory Y is about the basis of good management practices while the Theory X is about the Type organization seemed to believe.
This is more appropriate for understanding team member motivation. This deals with how the manager’s perception of what motivates his team member and affects the way he behaves. Thus, assumptions about employee motivation can influence the management style and adapt to the appropriate approach to manage people effectively.
Douglas McGregor in his book (1960), The Human Side of Enterprise he proposed this theory, instead of descriptive labels he called it Theory X and Theory Y. These two theories were two extremes, thus the whole spectrum of possible behaviours in between. According to these theories, although the basic premise is that the management’s role is to assemble the factors of production, people and for the economic benefit of the organization, beyond this point these two theories takes diversion.

Figure 1: Theory X & Theory Y
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When the Theory Y is focused the organization can do wonders to the employee motivational energy by,
• Decentralization and delegation
• Job enlargement
• Participative management
• Performance appraisals
Therefore, without doubt we can say when properly implemented, this would result in a high level of motivation as employees work to satisfy their higher level of personal needs through their jobs.
John Adair leadership is an Action Centred Leadership.

Figure 2: The Three Core Management R...

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