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    Nowadays, everyone is talking about corporate social responsibilities and corporate governance not only in terms of business ethics but also as the heart and soul of a corporation. According to the Economic time, (2009) “Corporate governance refers to the set of systems, principles and processes by which a company is governed.” All these illustrates how the company should be managed and controlled in order to perform better on the market and accomplish its short and long-term goals and objective

  • Corporations

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    stock that they own to a new corporation in which the couple will own 20 shares of the voting stock and the four children will each own 100 shares of nonvoting stock apiece. The couple still plans to serve as the directors of the corporation as well as continue to manage the investment portfolio while the children receive the majority of the dividends annually. The couple can choose to run the corporation as an S Corporation, C Corporation, or a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). We will explore the

  • Intel The Corporation

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    Intel The Corporation "A corporation is a business that, although owned by one or more investors, legally has the rights and duties of an individual. Corporations have the right to buy, sell, and own property. Corporations may make legal contracts, hire and fire workers, set prices, and be sued, fined, and taxed. A business must obtain a charter of incorporation from a state legislature or Congress to be legally recognized as a corporation."(Watson, p211) While corporations didn't exist until

  • The Evolution of the Corporation

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    The Evolution of the Corporation The Evolution of the Corporation In a capitalist society where the growth and power of corporations are ever evolving it is critical to determine the effects and consequences this evolution brings upon the business world. The Stockholder Theory maintains that managers should act merely as agents to the stockholder and only serve their interests-the maximization of profits (45). Milton Friedman's argument being, they are the owners of the business, and hence

  • Capitalism and the Corporation

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    Capitalism and the Corporation The problem to be investigated is what role business has within society with regard to social democracy, corporations and capitalism. In the book, Business Ethics, Case Studies and Selected Readings, case study 3.5 Michael Novak on Capitalism and the Corporation, Michael Novak states that, “Business corporations have transformed the world. They were indispensable in making it free and prosperous.” (Jennings, 2012, p. 105) Britain vs. America Business corporations have existed

  • Corporations Law

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    Corporations Law Short Anwers a)     Any entity which is considered a reporting entity is required to prepare a report in accordance with the requirements of the Corporations Law. Briefly explain why you agree or disagree with the above statement. A reporting entity is defined as an entity for which there are users who rely on the financial statements, generated from its financial information, as their major source of financial information . These financial statements are used in the decision

  • Corporations and the economy

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    Corporations and the Economy Economics is a very broad yet complex subject. Sometimes, in order to get a better view of the picture as a whole, it is useful to make an up-close and in-depth analysis of the elements which make up an economy. Examining the details of this topic can offer a revealing look into what composes a complex society such as that of America. Two very basic elements to be reviewed are ‘producers’ and ‘consumers’ and the relation that exists between the two. More specifically

  • The Multinational Corporation: The Multinational Corporation

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    The Multinational Corporation Introduction A multinational corporation or worldwide enterprise [1] is an organization that owns or controls production of goods or services in one or more countries other than their home country. [2] It can also be referred as an international corporation, a "transnational corporation", or a stateless corporation. [3] One of the first multinational businesses was the India Trading [4] company and was created around 1600, around 1602 the Dutch India Trading company

  • BinOptics Corporation

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    The Company BinOptics Corporation is a privately held high tech start up company located in Cornell’s Business and Technology Park in Ithaca, NY. BinOptics, the company, was based on key technological inventions made at Cornell University. CEO and co-founder, Alex Behfar, worked on the proprietary technology under Professor Valentine during his student tenure at Cornell, while earning his PhD in Electrical Engineering. In November 2000 CEO, Alex Behfar and President, Darius Forghani founded BinOptics

  • The Mafia As A Corporation

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    The Mafia As A Corporation Violence, blackmail and corruption as business terms, one would doubtfully consider them commonplace, but in the Mafia, nothing is. Looking at the history surrounding the Mafia, and the motivations apparent for its unconventional practices will lead one to realize that it is much more a union aimed at entrepreneurial success than the more common notion that it is simply a malicious group of amoral villains, anxious to wreak havoc. For decades the Italian-American Mafia