Employee Motivation

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Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is a key factor within a successful organization

or business. The quality of work that people express is often a result

of the motivation they possess. Companies have a variety of ways to

motivate their employees, as well as to keep them satisfied.

Businesses set substantial amounts of goals, and when employees reach

those goals, they should be recognized within the company. To know

that someone appreciates your exertion is a great feeling.

Happiness in the workplace is very important if a Manager would like

to retain their workers. When an employee is discontented, it becomes

the Managers responsibility to make the appropriate changes.

Motivating employees can be disguised in many different situations.

Getting to know your employees on a more personal level can help to

keep them happy. An article from Expert Magazine, titled, The Real

Reason Employees work; has even gone as far as suggesting to, "pay for

the tutoring of an employee's child for the month." A depressed

employee calls for the help of a caring Manager. Some employees

consistently remain motivated, just by knowing that their well being

is important to the people above them.

Listening to your employees is crucial. Open ears are very much

appreciated when an employee has a suggestion on improving efficiency

or effectiveness on a project,

or even if they are trying to tell you how they feel. Being

sympathetic to personal problems, and reminding employees to express

their feelings assists in the employee's comfort with their


In addition to developing friendships among employers and employees,

it is a...

... middle of paper ... can make a person happy in actuality

there are many things before money that assist in ones happiness.

"While money is important to employees, what tends to motivate them to

perform at high levels is the thoughtful, personal kind of recognition

that signifies true appreciation for a job well done."-Expert Magazine

Today, Employers will gain more respect from their employees if they

treat them fairly and give them credit where credit is earned. The

examples that I have uncovered conclude the need for employee

motivation. A Manager must reveal the importance of their employee's

presence within the company. If an employee is praised they will feel

as though they are valued within the company. People have a need to

belong, if they feel, as though they are part of your business, they

will work to fulfill that position.
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