Amazon : The Biggest Internet Based Retailing Company Essay

Amazon : The Biggest Internet Based Retailing Company Essay

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Amazon is arguably the biggest Internet-based retailing company in the world. It has been very successful in using the Internet as a platform for commerce, where it conducts its transactions electronically. Part of the success of Amazon can be attributed to its heavy investment in social media advertising and positioning. The advancement of technology has increased the importance of social media and most companies often resort to social media advertising and presence since it can reach out to a large and diverse audience. The other advantage of social media is that it can be used to gauge customer feedback and respond to different issues raised by customers. This helps in making an organization customer centric thereby increasing profitability levels for the organization. Amazon has clearly embraced this idea of social media presence as a means of creating more awareness of its services and products.
Amazon created a Twitter account in 2009. The official Twitter account for Amazon is @amazon and currently has 2.26 million followers across the world. Amazon has used this Twitter account to post over 17.7 thousand tweets. This indicates a high frequency at which Amazon posts the tweets. Most of the tweets posted by Amazon are promotional tweets aimed at promoting particular products or services. More often, the tweets are accompanied by images aimed at creating the visual appeal to the customers who would be interested in purchasing products from amazon. The tweets are short and to the point and are used mainly to target the middle class shoppers.
The other significant social media platform used by Amazon to market its services and products is Facebook. Facebook is the world’s largest social site, and every company knows how signi...

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...n age or geographical location of the target market. With age, Amazon will create different pages for different age-groups. This will be important in advertising and marketing since the company will be able to specialize and offer specific adverts to specific customers of certain age or located in a certain geographical location. Amazon needs to adopt such a strategy as it makes marketing easy. With the segments, marketing and advertising becomes specialized and are tailored to meet specific needs of that particular segment. The other issue is that Amazon should inform and generate confidence among customers that their opinions are taken into consideration. This means that in their social media sites the company should consider informing the customers that there has been a change in the business strategy based on the feedback they received from social media sites.

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