Discuss The Impact Of Social Media On Consumer Buying Behavior

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Social media around the globe have created a new place of communication and interaction among people and organizations. Social media have given plenty of opportunities to the customers and organizations in adapting different aspects in life. Social networks such as Facebook, Tweeter and Instagram have played a significant role in expanding consumers’ online purchases. People use social media to share their information, advice, warning, reviews, experiences, or any sort of information that are interesting to their “connection” or friends. This can have impact on peoples’ behavior in terms of communication and purchasing. Most of the studies revealed that people used social media information as the guideline for their future purchase. Marketers…show more content…
Explain how, when any why social media affects the consumer buying behavior. The study aims to understand the behavior and involvement of social media surrounding the consumer buying behavior. The research also aims to serve as an indicator to potential readers (companies) of how they can evaluate decision making process via social media sites. The research focuses on the behavior of end…show more content…
Social media provides a new channel to acquire product information through peer communication. Due to the recent growth in internet, online social media has been identified as an important communication channel. The online communication via social media such as Facebook and Tweeter has become a new tool for social communication connecting people from all around the world. Individuals or groups that have never physically met in this world can influence the purchasing decision of an individual or group. The change caused by social media in terms of consumer perceptions and behavior cannot be left to agencies or social media managers alone, but must be reflected much deeper in company value chains. Consumer choices are made increasingly more and more on the basis of social media information. In addition to deciphering the advertising message and reading the websites of companies, consumers use different online formats (forums, chats, blogs, etc.) to share ideas, to form communities and to contact their peers. Consumers have a bigger voice these days and this is the major change in consumers due to social media. This is because social media provides credible information to the consumers. Consumers have increasingly unrestricted time and space for sharing timely and frequent information about the products and services as per the developments in the
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