Amazon Consumer Behavior Case Study

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Amazon is a growing and trending brand, giving consumers the unique shopping experience they have always wanted. The company that was started by 1999 man of the year, Jeff Bezos, has taken 44 percent market share in online sales and purchases. ( That makes consumers more inclined to search for products through Amazon, before the well-known search engine powerhouse, Google. The Seattle, Washington based company was started in 1995. During the well-anticipated start-up, the company’s focus was on book sales online. Over time, Amazon has set many trends in Consumer Behavior, expanding products across every product pool imaginable. " puts the customer…show more content…
Consumer behavior is how a company minimizes uncertainty when offering a goods or service to a customer. This is done through thorough research and marketing strategies developed by the seller. Amazon is a company that does not only practice current trends, but also influence and set them. They are the trendsetters in personalization, escapism, and the ever-important convenience. These are few of the many trends has created benchmarks for in the online sales industry. It is these trends that have taken to being number 13 on Forbes most valuable brands. Once at the top, their prioritization of the consumer over the business has helped them stay at the top. Colin Shaw who writes for Britton said, “ puts the customer experience at the top of their short and long-term to-do list.” ( Ludwig von Mises closely analyzed the approach is taking many years ago. This customer is king approach is what helps focus on the process rather than the product. Through consumer behavior trends, I believe a company has a higher success rate when this happens. See, if you focus on the process, the result will come. A good process ultimately will generate a well-balanced result. When your focus is on the final product, you lose sight of the process. By…show more content…
( Technology has allowed Amazon to give the consumer the experience that it does. The site is able to tell you what you want. The taste has been taken away from the consumer. It is these powerful algorithms that allow Amazon to suggest products you may enjoy, just by the study of your online habits. It does make sense when you think about it. If a consumer has a puppy, and goes online all the time looking for the best dog food for that kind of puppy, Amazon will be able to offer that food. It is like shopping in a personalized marketplace, a place that is made to meet your specific needs. There are also many features provided to you when you show your commitment to Amazon. One of these services is Prime Music, a music service offered to Prime Members. “In designing Prime Music, we wanted to remove the barriers between you and the music you love. We removed cost. You can listen to the entire Prime Music Catalog for free – it’s included in your Prime membership. We removed interruptions. Don’t worry about have your music constantly disrupted by ads…you won’t hear any. We removed listening restrictions. Choose exactly what song to listen to, repeat your favorite song over and over again, or download music to your phone or table to listen offline,” wrote CEO Bezos in his letter to Prime members.
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