The Importance Of Social Media And International Marketing

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“Social media is the democratization of information, transforming people from content readers into content publishers” (Evans, 2012). “Social media has existed since the 1990s; however, only in the last several years has it made substantial gains in popularity worldwide” (Campbell, 2013). Social media can have a very big impact on the reputation of a company. Because we are living in an age of information, people could be easy to get some important information from social media. These services contained features such as chat programs, games, mail, and instant messaging. Every day, people use social media for work, shopping or fun. So, if a company wants a successful marketing strategy, it must make good use of the Internet. Although some people…show more content…
Social media has made the world a global village. In the global village, if people need to find some things, they can search information on the Internet. “Social media marketing is an influential marketing method” (Chang, 2014), many different people will see. If a company puts some information on social media, communication will be a very big problem because there have many different languages in the world, but companies can use social media to send the information to different countries. So social media can expand international marketing. Also, social media uses different ways to show information, like news, blogs, pictures, websites or videos. Many people should be happy to look when their friends share some interesting videos about new products on their blog. And good companies always know the target group for their products is. If a company knows what is target group is, then the company can find that group easily on social media because there many different kinds of a forum, people who are different ages, different jobs or hobbies. So social media can help the company find their customers more easily (Narayanan,
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