Alexander Hamilton : The Founding Father Of Our Country Essay

Alexander Hamilton : The Founding Father Of Our Country Essay

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In our history classes throughout school, we at one point in time may have been taught about our Founding Fathers of the United States of America, the men who aided in building the country we now know today. When we hear the words “Founding Fathers” we may picture specific men like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson for example. However our history classes tend to pass over one specific Founding Father: Alexander Hamilton. The man that graces the ten dollar bill and who was America’s first Treasury secretary is grossly overlooked and often swept under the rug of American History, leaving us to wonder why exactly is Alexander Hamilton a Founding Father of our country. Why is he important enough to put on our currency, but not important enough to discuss in our history classes? Alexander Hamilton was a brilliant, motivated man wise beyond his years, who worked endlessly to try to elevate our new country to a place of prominence in the world after our victory in the Revolutionary War, has almost faded into the background of history. A figure found mostly in the shadows of US history, Hamilton was a key player in many important events and moments of our early history and deserves more recognition and credit than he is afforded. This paper will highlight one of Hamilton’s biggest accomplishments for the United States; his crusade to create a national bank and fix the financial systems of America and how he fought for his plan against his oppressors and lessened the effects of a potentially crippling financial disaster.
The young Alexander Hamilton arrived in the Boston Harbor in 1773 , plagued by and overcame several challenges in his youth to become the man he was when he arrived. Alexander was born on January ...

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...s term as the Treasury Secretary in 1795, Jefferson and those who supported his ideals called Jeffersonians sought out to destroy what Hamilton and spent years creating. With the charter for the BUS not being renewed in 1811 they began down the road of destruction, however the War of 1812 almost had disastrous consequences due to the United States not being able to borrow in their time of need, spurring their need to create a second national bank. Since the first dismantlement of the national bank, bank failures and financial panics became a normal occurrence and continued on throughout the rest of our history. With Jefferson’s crusade to tear down what Hamilton created and the abrupt end to Hamilton’s life from the well-known duel with Aaron Burr on July 12th, 1804 everything that Hamilton strived for and worked for is forgotten in the grand scheme of our history.

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