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  • American History : The Revolutionary War

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    As an American observes the life around him, noting the many advancements made in merely the last century, he must wonder how America climbed to such a level. The 21st century technology, the military and political power, education and ethics, all came from such meager beginnings, solidified by the Revolutionary War. The Revolutionary War proved to be a significant turning point in the history of our country, but what caused America to win? What were some of the most significant factors in the victory

  • Essay On American Revolutionary War

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    The American Revolutionary war (1775-1800C.E) is considered to be amongst the defining wars in the history of the world. In this war, the colonies of North America fought for independence from their British rulers. This resulted in the creation of United States, a country which after its formation played a major role in the affairs of the world. Moreover, the Revolutionary war, was the first to be declared the “Colonial war of liberation” as well as the “people’s war” as per Stephen Conway, in the

  • What Is Revolutionary Changes, And Limitations Of The American Revolutionary War?

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    18th and 19th centuries were eras of revolution and reform. The American Revolutionary War and its outcome finalized America’s freedom from Great Britain, and the new nation of America began to take form. This was a time of new rights, freedoms and life under American society and rule. Yet, not all people within America’s borders got to reap the full benefits of the Revolutionary War. Many minorities did not gain much from or after the war, because of discrimination, racism, fear, or standards set by

  • The Revolutionary War: Causes Of The American Revolution

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    “The American Revolutionary War lasted for eight years - between April 1775 to September 1783” (Pettinger). It is now remembered as a major landmark for the United States and its independence. The war began over a rebellion, initially caused by Britain, that eventually led to the demand of taxes without any representation of American representatives in Parliament. American patriots from the Thirteen Colonies of North America: Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina, Connecticut,

  • The Pros and Cons of the American Revolutionary War

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    In every war, there are advantages and disadvantages on both sides. Entering the American Revolutionary War the two opposing sides held a variety of assets and hindrances. These factors ranged from superior leaders to mere populations sizes. In the big picture though, all the miscellaneous dynamics for both Britain and the American colonies would be the ultimate decider of victory. At the beginning of the war, there were many mixed opinions about who would win because of the extent of diversity

  • The Revolutionary War: The Roots of the American Dream

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    War is known to have a substantial effect on the lives of every person in that country. In the United States the American dream, in any interpretation, is either improved or lessened depending on if what we are fighting for is worth the sacrifice. For example, the Afghanistan War is commonly known to be hindering the American dream; there is no proof of direct improvement or intentions to improve the way Americans live. Inversely, in the Revolutionary War we were fighting for the freedom of our

  • American War for Independence: A Revolutionary Struggle

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    The term revolutionary is defined as a dramatic change in government that can occur through force and violence, or in a peaceful manner, such as the election of 1800. Therefore, the American War for Independence was, by clear definition, a revolution. Though not a typical social revolution, as the British government was not entirely destroyed in Europe, it was a revolution in the sense that it created a new government for the Colonies. The American War for Independence was an attempt by the thirteen

  • Limitations Of The American Revolution And The Revolutionary War

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    After The Seven Years’ War things began to change for the colonists. The war was extremely expensive for England, doubling the national debt. In order to pay off the debt the colonists were taxed. After failed attempts to protest against England things became violent, thus igniting The Revolutionary War. The Americans fought in The American Revolution and the War of 1812 in order to gain independence from England. They were able to be victorious on both occasions because they had a united front and

  • Role of Blacks in the American Revolutionary War

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    African American slaves who fought for the British, after George Washington announced there would be no additional recruitment of Blacks in the Continental army in 1776. For numerous free blacks and enslaved blacks, the Revolutionary War was considered to be an essential period in black manifestation. Many public officials (like Dunmore), who initially had not expressed their views on slavery, saw the importance of African Americans and considered them an imperative tool in winning the war. Looking

  • Questioning the Revolutionary Impact of the American War

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    How revolutionary was the revolutionary war? The revolution brought major changes in the system but if seeing from a larger view everything remained the same. The questions that the American Revolution went deeply through were the slavery question, the women emancipation and the system of politics. But at the end radical changes were very little and the lives lost were not worth the advantages for the country. The first issue the revolutionary war had to face was slavery. Social changes never touched

  • George Washington And The American Revolutionary War

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    In May 1775 the second Continental Congress is meeting and the American Revolutionary War has already begun. The congress needed to get organized and fast. The militia’s that were fighting the war were very unorganized even though they were holding their own so early on in the war. John Adams proposed that the army that was outside of Boston be named the Continental Army and just five days later they had their general to lead that army. There was really only one choice as who to choose for the position

  • How Did Americans Lose The Revolutionary War

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    America’s triumphant victory in the Revolutionary War was an event that was crucial for the continuation and prosperous growth that would emerge and flourish in the United States. Luckily, the Americans defeated the British with their experienced generals and high spirits of Patriots that advocated democracy across the land. The winning of this war and signing of the Treaty of Paris resulted in a new world for colonists, where they were now recognized as an independent country that could create its

  • The Causes Of The American Revolutionary War

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    start the American Revolutionary War. There were battles, people, and of course causes, lots of causes. Some of the people in the war were a huge impact to the war like George Washington (First President of the United States), Thomas Jefferson( Writer of the Declaration of Independence), and Bernardo De Gálvez (Spanish star leader). There are causes like the Boston Tea Party, and there are lots of battles that led up to the Americans winning the war. There were a lot of people in the American Revolutionary

  • The Importance of the Battle of Monmouth in the American Revolutionary War

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    Monmouth in the American Revolutionary War Few, when writing about the American Revolution, list the Battle of Monmouth among the significant battles. It was hardly a bloody battle, with only about seven-hundred total casualties. It was not a decisive battle, it was not a battle in which we gained or lost a key position, and it was not a battle in which we point to as an example of how to conduct an engagement. In fact, it was not a battle in which one can say that the Revolutionaries truly won. Yet

  • What Factors Contributed To An American Victory Of The Revolutionary War

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    American Victory The Revolutionary War was a war between the Thirteen Colonies and Great Britain from 1775-1783 during the American Revolution. The American colonists fought the British in hope of freedom and separation from Great Britain. “This was the completion stage of the political American Revolution whereas the colonists had denied the rights of the Parliament of Great Britain in governing them without any representation,” ("American Revolutionary War."). The Revolutionary War consisted

  • How Freemasonry Steered the American Revolution and the Revolutionary War

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    largest, the masons also had an impact on military conditions during the American Revolution and War for Independence. The masons were essential in providing military camaraderie during the wars leading up to the American Revolution and during the Revolutionary war through their military lodges and inclusive stance. Military Lodges provided support and boosted morale for soldiers during the War for Independence among other wars. Military lodges were much like normal lodges except that they did not

  • Why Did The Americans Win The Revolutionary War Essay

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    1 SIMPLE REASONS The reason the Americans won the Revolutionary War was because ofthree major things.The reason the Americans won the RevolutionaryWar was because of three major things. 1. In 1777 the Battle of Saratoga 2. France's aid 3. Americans wouldn't have had a chance at winning the Revolutionif Britain wasn't occupied with a multi-power World Warat the same time . MORE IN DEPTH 1. In 1777 the Battle of Saratoga was a turning point in thewar, the Americans won this decisive battle at Saratoga

  • American and British Strengths and Weaknesses Upon Entering the American Revolutionary War

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    In every war, there are advantages and disadvantages on both sides. Entering the American Revolutionary War the two opposing sides held a variety of assets and hindrances. These factors ranged from superior leaders to mere populations sizes, but in the big picture, all the miscellaneous dynamics for both Britain and the American colonies would be the ultimate decider of victory. At the beginning of the war, there were many mixed opinions about who would win because of the extent of diversity in

  • Critical Analysis Of Sam Adams And The American Revolutionary War

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    The Author concludes that Sam Adams was a relevant individual involved in initiating the American Revolutionary War,1775, through his selflessness as an individual, tax collector and political leader as well as advocate for the people throughout the American colonies. Though the “appeal of revolution” had, long been a popular subject prior to Adam 's beginning, and the methods of mobilizing the “lower orders” had been becoming more sophisticated due to the promise of power, political decision making

  • The American Colonists Were Justified In The Revolutionary War

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    The American Revolution, or otherwise known as the American War of Independence, was taken place between the years of 1775-1783. The war was fought between Great Britain and the 13 British North American colonies. The American Revolution caused a series of traumatic events. The American colonists were justified in waging war because the British seized the rights of the colonists, the American colonists did not have a say in Parliament, the Boston Massacre, and incoherent decisions involving taxes