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    “Reasons Why Thomas Jefferson Was Not a Good President” In this essay I will state reasons on how Thomas Jefferson wasn’t a great president to the United States. Jefferson was those type of persons that will be like a two faced person. He will act like he was a honorable person in public but in reality people did not know the dark secrets Thomas Jefferson had behind the person he was in front of people. A lot of his secrets were discovered after his death by his slaves that he owned and also he had

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    Introduction Thomas Jefferson spent most of his career in public office and made his greatest contributions to his country in the field of politics. He loved liberty in every form, and he worked for freedom of speech, press, religion, and other civil liberties. Jefferson was the 3rd president of the United States and best remembered as a great president and as the author of the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson's interests and talents covered an amazing range. He became one of the leading American

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    individual and having to keep your status high. Thomas Jefferson was the brilliant person who did that. He was a man with a lot of potential and responsibility. Thomas Jefferson is best known as one of the founding fathers of the United States. Jefferson considered his three greatest achievements to be writing the Declaration of Independence, writing the Statue of Virginia for Religious Freedom, and found the University of Georgia. Thomas Jefferson was a married man with five children. He was an

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    that I read is Thomas Jefferson by Norman K. Risjord. This book was published in 1994. The biography I read was Thomas Jefferson and it was very enlightening and informative. The story began in Shadwell, Virginia where Thomas Jefferson was born in 1743 and raised until he was approximately 18. Thomas Jefferson’s parents were well off, but his father died when Thomas was 14. When Jefferson was 17 years old, he got permission to attend the College of William and Mary. Thomas Jefferson did many things

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    observer describing Thomas Jefferson. For Thomas Jefferson was an intelligent man from the time he was a child. Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 on the Shadwell plantation in Virginia. Jefferson’s mother was Jane Jefferson, who was a descendant of royal English and Scottish family. His father on the other hand, Peter Jefferson, was a successful farmer on the Shadwell plantation. The Jefferson’s had a large family consisting of four girls and another boy besides Thomas. Jefferson spent most of his

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    Thomas Jefferson When Americans think of pillar s of freedom in early American history Thomas Jefferson has to come to mind. He wrote the declaration of Independence stating “all men are created equally.” This equality was regardless of wealth, birth, or status, further the government is not a person’s master but the other way around. Still Jefferson owned hundreds of slaves all his life. Why was there an inconsistency with what he said and what he practiced in his own affairs? While he abhorred

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    THOMAS JEFFERSON, author of the Declaration of Independence, was born on April 13, 1743 and grew up on the family plantation at Shadwell in Albermarle County, Virginia. His father was Peter Jefferson, who, with the aid of thirty slaves, tilled a tobacco and wheat farm of 1,900 acres and like his fathers before him, was a justice of the peace, a vestryman of his parish and a member of the colonial legislature. The first of the Virginia Jefferson's of Welsh extraction, Peter in 1738 married Jane Randolph

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    Thomas Jefferson Table of Contents Page I.     Early Life and Childhood     1 II     Through Collage and Into the world     2 III     Revolutionary Politics     3 IV     Pre-Presidential Posts and Accomplishments     4 V     Presidency and post presidency     5 VI     Picture     6 VII     Works Cited     7 Thomas Jefferson I. Early life and childhood A simple log cabin located in now what is commonly known as Albemarle County, Virginia

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    Thomas Jefferson, born 1743 in Albemarle, Virginia, was a self-made man. He had many endeavors, such as law, and politics in addition to running a 5,000-acre plantation that he inherited from his father. Jefferson graduated from William and Mary College, and was an accomplished lawyer. Tall, red haired, and freckled, he was not what most people would consider attractive. He married the widowed Martha Wayles Skelton and took her to live in his unfinished home in the mountains of Monticello. Jefferson

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    Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 on his family’s plantation in Shadwell, Virginia. The third of six children his parents raised him modestly and his father schooled him to be a gentleman. The young Jefferson suffered an emotional shock, when at the age of 14 his father Peter Jefferson died. The young Jefferson was the first male of the family and so he received the bulk of his father’s assets, leaving him with a sizable fortune. He received his early education along with his sisters and