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The broadway hit play Hamilton, written by Lin Manuel Miranda, is viewed as an educational play about Alexander Hamilton, one of the United States’ founding fathers and the first Secretary of the Treasury. The play captures the spirit of Alexander Hamilton’s ambition, eloquence, and mistakes in a revolutionary format-as revolutionary as Hamilton himself! Combining rap, musical theater, and history, Hamilton is an enthralling and entertaining play that is mostly accurate to the real Alexander Hamilton. The details of Hamilton’s life and relationships that were misrepresented in the play to achieve the theatrical flair. The play Hamilton tells of Hamilton’s prolific writing achievements, his written thoughts about the duel with Aaron Burr, and …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the broadway hit play hamilton, written by lin manuel miranda, as an educational play about alexander hamilton.
  • Analyzes how the play hamilton tells of hamilton's prolific writing achievements, his written thoughts about the duel with aaron burr, and the events surrounding the fatal duele through song and acting.
  • Analyzes how the reynolds pamphlet was an expository ninety-five page essay written and published by hamilton to refute improper speculation of his embezzlement of government money.
  • Analyzes how john jay, james madison, and hamilton wrote the federalist papers, a collection of eighty-five essays anonymously published urging the new yorkers to ratify the new u.s. constitution.
  • Analyzes how the final songs of act 2, the world was wide enough and who lives,who dies, who tells your story tell the events of the burr-hamilton duel.
  • Narrates how alexander hamilton died seven years after the reynolds pamphlet was published. on july 12th 1804, less than 24 hours after his duel with aaron burr, hamilton succumbed to his injuries.
  • Analyzes how hamilton's character is well represented in the play, but certain elements, such as his relationship with angelica schuyler, and other smaller details have been changed to add interest and drama.
  • Analyzes how angelica schuyler's song "satisfied from act one" implies that she was not willing to break rules to be with alexander hamilton.
  • Analyzes the anecdote that martha washington had a tomcat named "hamilton" from an english satire piece mocking the colonists' fondness for the number thirteen.
  • Concludes that the play hamilton can be considered an educational play, because it covers the highlights of the historical hamilton. lin manuel miranda used artistic license to make slight changes in hamilton’s character and life.

In The Story of Tonight (Reprise) John Laurens says “‘Cause if the tomcat can get married...If Alexander can get married-” and in A Winter’s Ball Aaron Burr says “They delighted and distracted him Martha Washington named her feral tomcat after him!” Hamilton interpolates with “That’s true!” However, Hamilton should have said “That’s not true!” The anecdote that Martha Washington had a tomcat named “Hamilton” comes from a satire piece written by an unknown Englishman, mocking the colonists’ fondness for the number thirteen. The author wrote “... Mrs. Washington has a mottled tomcat (which she calls in a complementary way Hamilton) with thirteen yellow rings around his tail, that his flaunting it suggested to the Congress the adoption of the same number of stripes for the rebel flag.” In conclusion, the play Hamilton can be considered an educational play, because it covers the highlights of the historical Hamilton. However, the playwright, Lin Manuel Miranda used artistic license to make slight changes in Hamilton’s character and life. Although the play highlights the main events of Hamilton’s life, listeners and watchers should also do their own

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