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A Case Manager For One Day Essay example

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On week four of my preceptorship clinical, I had an amazing experience and got the chance to follow a case manager for one day. According to Monica (case manager that I followed Wednesday), a case manager is the person who gets a report from the nurses on the unit and arranges discharge arrangements for those patients on the unit. Before following Monica, I had no idea what goes on with the discharge planning but thanks to Monica for informing and teaching more about the discharge planning. On Wednesday our day started with a meeting with all of the other case managers in the hospital and their manger. The meeting was informative and included information and teaching about “Echo” which is a new program that recently got implemented in Oakwood. According to Monica “echo” is like a middle man between Oakwood and other facilities such as heartland, henry village and other nursing homes. The case mangers send patient’s information through Echo and Echo sends all of the patient’s information to the facilities and seeks placements. Also in the meeting different case mangers discussed their concerns about Echo and the needed improvements that need be taken care of. After the meeting, Monica and I went back to the unit which was on the 8th floor (progressive care unit). Around 10 o’clock, Monica obtained a report from the nurses on the floor and the nurses told her about the possible discharges for that day. After the report, we went to patient’s room and introduced ourselves to the patients and wrote approximate discharge dates for the patients. Monica, informed that writing approximate discharge dates on patients’ board is very important because administration comes and checks to make sure that there are dates on the board. According to...

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...s and move his extremities. The mother and the friends were so happy because he opened his eyes and started responding to their commands. The patient’s son kept telling his father to hug him and stay by him.
By far that was the first case that I got really attached to the patient affirmed me that I really want to be a nurse to help patients and advocate for them and their families. Even though I felt hopeless and did not know what to do at that moment with the patient’s family, but I know I made his family feel better. His friends told the nurse that I did a great job by encouraging them to talk to him and made them feel better by the things that I was telling them. Even though I did not give them any hopes because I did not know what was going with the patient. I told them to pray for him because god will always listen and will not leave his kids hanging like that.

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