Applying Herzberg's Three Types Of Needs In The Workplace

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Motivational theories can be applied in a multitude of situations, but in this case the problems that must be resolved include poor morale, low performance levels, and frequent absences. After speaking with the employees it was found that none of them cared about their performance in the workplace. To properly address these issues, Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory, McClelland’s Theory, and McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y can be applied. Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory can be used to improve working conditions and decrease employee dissatisfaction. Doing so would potentially motivate employees to perform better in the workplace and be more inclined to be involved in the job. Applying McClelland’s Theory would allow for the employees three basic categories…show more content…
The need for achievement regards an individual’s relationship with setting challenging goals, creating competitive scenarios, and overcoming difficulties. Setting goals and creating healthy competition between employees can bring the performance level back to normal, and even better yet surpass the usual level. The need for power regards an individual’s need to positively influence coworkers and improve their wellbeing by making a difference in their life. Having an impact on the lives of others has the potential to influence employee turnover rates and attendance. If an individual feels that they have power over another employee they will be more inclined to show up to work everyday and to stay at their current job for longer than they may have originally anticipated. The need for affiliation concerns the relationships that an individual needs to maintain positive, close, or intimate feelings with others. Positive, close relationships in the workplace make individuals feel as if they are truly a part of the organization and increase satisfaction levels amongst workers. These close relationships will help employees to fell that their work is appreciated within the organization and that there certainly are people who care how they perform at their jobs. Together, achievement, power, and affiliation all play an influential part in motivating individuals in the…show more content…
In regards to achievement, setting goals for employees and creating competitive scenarios can lead to better performance. An employer, to accomplish this, could implement a program in which rewards are given to those who produce the most proficient results at the end of the workweek. In this example we are dealing with a large manufacturing company, so it would be best to establish a program in which the individual who produces the greatest number of quality outputs receives a small monetary bonus at the end of the week. This would motivate employees to perform at their best and to produce the greatest possible results. Secondly, in regards to power, an individual who has the ability to positively influence another individual will be more inclined to show up to work everyday and to stay at that particular job for a longer period of time. A way to motivate employees to do this would be to nominate an individual to oversee a particular segment of production each month allowing that individual to feel as if they have the ability to positively influence the lives of others, other than on the personal level. Then, each month a new employee would be in charge of overseeing that area to ensure that one person does not become too power-happy and that everyone gets a chance at that power position. Lastly, in regards to affiliation, close and intimate
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