Lincoln Electric Company Case Study

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Organizational culture is imperative to the success of the organization. The strength and core values of the organization is supported by the organizational culture. This allows for organization to operate in a specific manner that is specific to that organization and can pave the path for success. Company founders are passionate about their vision and mission and they elude that passion into their employees. When that passion and mission is successfully implied to the employees the company strives in it 's path to success. Founders of companies are the continuing influence for the company to succeed. They pour the foundation of organizational culture so that the vision of their passion is directed in the right path. Organizational culture…show more content…
If the organization succeeds then the employees also succeeds. Employees must see the bigger picture and must feel that they are part of the organization and not just a one man show. Lincoln Electric Company is a great example of how a successful organization creates successful employee satisfaction. Company founders are the key stakeholders in making the organizational culture a success. They are the leaders with the vision of how they want to promote their company and they have to present the values to their employees so that the employees also do understand that the success of an organization is a success for themselves. It was not an easy task for Lincoln Electric Company to plant the foundation of organizational culture. There were many obstacles that Lincoln Electric Company had to overcome to succeed. Lincoln Electric Company strongly believed that the customer satisfaction should be their main goal. The value on the return of the happy customer was significant that it directly impacts the success of the business. Lincoln Electric Company was very much coined on the term of customer satisfaction and they strive their best to provide the…show more content…
The culture of appreciating employees for their hard work and achievements by incentives shows how the organization values their employees. Lincoln believed “Status is of great importance in all human relationships. The greatest incentive that money has, usually, is that is it a symbol of success... The resulting status is the real incentive... Money alone can be an incentive to the miser only. There must be complete honesty and understanding between the hourly worker and management if high efficiency is to be obtained”. This shows how harmoniously the labor and management have to work together to produce
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