Essay on Writing Styles And Application Of Mla Format

Essay on Writing Styles And Application Of Mla Format

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As the semester meets an end, I am enthralled into reflecting upon my progression as a writer, reader, and a prospective professional throughout this course coordinated by Mr. Billings. Nonetheless, considering the inevitable flawed nature of writing, there are some aspects that I still need to work on, and eventually master as I move forward in my academic career. I learned immensely starting from a variety of writing styles, proper use of MLA format to read and to critically use evidence to formulate a strong and persuasive essay.
Throughout this foundational writing class, I was able to cultivate my writing skills and compose essays for particular audiences and purposes. The goal and objectives that I held to be the most important to my work in this course was to develop and master different writing techniques, discover different forms of citation and how to incorporate them properly, and I wished to learn where to find reliable sources (books, text, articles, on-line readings, etc.) to reinforce my arguments. As I proudly read my graded papers, it has become evident that even though my background as a writer helped me – this course, in great addition, has successfully enabled to me to employ strategies for generating ideas for writing as a result of creating outlines, peer-reviews, and pre-writing assignments. Further, I would like to believe that I excelled in identifying the arguments, the counter arguments and the evidence, particularly when writing the second major essay – Compare and Contrast. This assignment allowed me to critically engage with two readings pertaining to the same universal topic in order formulate a thesis statement the states the differences, similarities, and lastly, which one was more effective in th...

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...uired throughout the semester. As a reflection of my grades and my intellectual development, my progress in completing the class objectives set out in the course syllabus was, in great part, successful. The three major essays aided by the minor assignments that I had to complete helped me achieve the goal I set out to achieve in the beginning of this semester. Based on the main concertation of this course, I would anticipate in my upcoming courses the study of argumentative and research texts, and draft revisions. To answer the question, without the slightest shadow of doubt, this class has provided me with the fundamental basis to meet the requirement of my upcoming classes by pushing me to think critically, gather relevant information through research and readings, and lastly, as a result of short debates and group analysis, I have mastered the art of persuasion.

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