Working At High School And College Essay

Working At High School And College Essay

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Although I’ve never worked a day in my life, I value the idea of work. My parents have always steered me away from work, in order for me to solely focus on school. Ever since joining Early College High School, my free time is limited. Being in both high school and college is extremely time-consuming, which doesn’t give me much of a choice but to focus only on school. Even though I don’t work, I think that there are many advantages in working while going to school. If my situation of being both in high school and college were different, working is something I would definitely attempt to do. Working while going to school helps with time management, budget-spending, and the chance to learn new things at work.

Time management is a critical part in being a college student. It becomes even more important if a student is partaking in both college and work. Work is very time consuming, so there is little time to waste on college work. Work gives the student the opportunity to manage their time wisely, because of the limited amount of time they have. Many people work well under pressure, so by a student not having time to waste makes them more prone to spending their time efficiently. Studies show that “working a moderate number of hours often correlates with higher GPA. These jobs help students be more effective and organized” (Effects of Employment). In a student working, a time schedule is set into place. The student follows a daily routine by waking up to head to work or school, and in the afternoon vice versa. Making a schedule of the day ahead makes it easier to actually follow the things on the schedule. A person who is working during college values time. What they do on their free time is influenced by work. If they want to succe...

... middle of paper ... in turn makes it easier to learn how to spend it.

In conclusion, working while going to college offers many positive outcomes that further help the student succeed in their journey in becoming an adult. There have been many studies that show that working less than 15-20 hours a week increases the students GPA (Effects of Employment). Work is difficult and time consuming. This teaches the students to grow up and mature; it offers them the opportunity to do something else besides studying. Although working while going to college may seem impossible, it’s actually teaching the student skills that will improve the way they are, once they leave college and go onto following their careers. Much of who you are and what you have succeeded happens during college. Working while in it helps with time management, budget-spending, and the chance to learn new things at work.

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