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Society tells us that after high school we must go to college and get a degree if we want to obtain success. For me going to college was the goal ever since I was a small child. Everyone in my family has gotten some form of post-secondary education. With a family like that ever Since the early ages of childhood as far I can remember my parents and family member were just always big on telling me I have to go to college to keep to better myself. After I graduated from high school the question in my house was not if I was going to go to college but instead where am I going to go to college. There was no question about if I was going to go to college or not. My parents made it clear that when august came around that year after I graduated from …show more content…

Those without a degree are four times more likely to be unemployed than someone with a college degree. That being said college is a great way to help find opportunities to get a job. A College degrees will help give guidance to helping you find a job. With a degree it give a better chance finding a job in a random job field or helping you get a job in the more specific work field such as a degree in the medical field. One thing that is great with a college degree is that it allows opportunity. Lots of people who have graduated from college do not work in the job field they graduated from. Instead they work at jobs that gives them the hire paycheck, benefits or vacation time. Most degree allows people to have a greater chance of getting a job after applying. Employers when they see that you are a college grad that gives you a huge chance over somebody who has is not went to college. Also depending on the college you went to is a great benefit. Example of this would be Hamline. Hamline is a liberal arts college which plan is to work to incorporate all types’ courses and subjects to make you think more critically and be a better problem solver. Going to college shows that you are able to think clearly and be able to work in a group environment. Being able to work in a group environment shows that you are a team player and be able to put the company first instead of …show more content…

Statistic shows that you will be more likely to behave in healthier lifestyle such as not smoking if you attend college. And also college students have shown to be less obese within each age group, college-educated adults are less likely than others to be obese. In addition, children living in households with more educated parents are less likely than other children to be obese. All these things are a benefit because the healthier of a lifestyle you will have the longer and better life you will have. Going to college even if you are not majoring in a field related to like health or something college helps you see through a lot of propaganda and things like that. College allows you to think at another level where you will be able to analyze and think to make the better choice. I think that is one of the most important things that college can do for a student to help them think and figure out problems. Thinking and figuring out a problems is a skill that will last with students for the rest of their life and that skill can be applied in in their life and through the work field. Going to college also provide our society with more highly intellectual people. If college wasn’t important than police officer, nurses, and doctors wouldn’t need to go to college. That is not the case here to get these jobs you need to go to college to get these job because

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  • Explains that going to college is a great way to help find jobs. a college degree allows people to work at jobs that give them the hire paycheck, benefits or vacation time.
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