Why College Is Important Essay

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College is Important 1 It is said that most people perceive post-secondary education to not be important as it actually is. College graduates have the advantage of being able to have a better chance of having a quality life ( A girl named Savita Doke from Mumbai, India got her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science by working hard. Despite the fact that Doke was extremely poor she still worked every night at her job in order to pay for her schooling. After she graduated from college she was able to get a well-paying job to support her family financially. Savita said her most important life goal was reached (DNAIndia, 2015). Although, Adam Ozimek believes people can get good paying jobs without having to go to college. Ozimek stated…show more content…
Jayson Boyers stated that "having a college education can make big differences in some people 's lives" (The Huffington Post Newspaper, 2012). People who do college education often get high level and high paying jobs. The main reason for why students feel hesitant to attend college after they graduate from high school is because they worry about the price of schooling and they prefer to have a job instead to make fast money. Although, people who graduated from high school often are only able to receive jobs at fast food restaurants, clothing stores, etc. When people are able to earn more than enough money to have a stable life they are able to be less stress-free and enjoy their lives more. People who often work in retail jobs face the risk of not making enough money to buy food and also pay their rent. The money that people earn in retail jobs takes a very long time to save up in order to go to college. Alternatively, the world is very competitive and people, truthfully, do have trouble succeeding and even surviving day to day. The most recommended thing to do is to go to college after high school and take out a student loan if needed and pay it off when a career job is obtained. Working very hard now equals to a better life, job opportunities afterward, and positive friendships