Going To College Essay

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Should United States culture aim toward ensuring that everyone goes to college? Yes, United States should encourage everyone to go to college because it helps people get out of poverty and people explore in a career that could shape their lives. Some of the people want to have a good job in life and have a good salary to change their future. Additionally, college can help you become more independent and successful in life. Unless the country is willing to more fully fund higher education for all, ensuring that everyone goes to college is a dream. Although I grant that college prepared people for life, I still maintain that it important in life. College will teach young adult about time management and show them how to take note very well to help them prepared for a test. According to Freeman Hrabowski, “college prepare people for jobs,…show more content…
Why do people need a better broader education? First, a broader education will help people get out of poverty with a better change of not becoming homeless. Second, people can get out of a dead end job and have good career during their college life or after. Therefore, a college degree is important to start your business you can also hire some employees that will help you on your business someday and the business will give you leadership to show your employees how important is college degree will get to you. As a matter of fact, there are some good benefits by going to college, “In Tyler Cowen view, “the wage differential between college graduates and high school graduates- the college premium- is growing.” In other words, Cowen believes that should help students understand about college degree is massively high paying and in the end, they won’t regret going to college. The more knowledge a person has, the more benefits the person will gain during the workforce experience. One of the good benefit is to stay strong connection to the
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