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Women in Intelligence Agencies Essay

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The names Virginia Hall, Jennifer Matthews, and Gina Bennett all have one thing in common: these women have all played a significant role in the operations of various intelligence agencies in the United States. Although they were key players in the safety of the nation most female spies are not common knowledge. Most people are familiar with Harriet Tubman and her heroic deeds,but what about the other women that have largely impacted the society through their roles as spies.Historically women have been seen as the weaker or inferior sex when compared to their male counterparts. Females, although they make up over half of the world population, are considered a minority. They have fought for many vital rights such as the ability to vote. Many laws and legal cases have been initiated in an attempt to bring equality. One of the most recent and timely issues facing the female minority is the right to abortion.
Many factors contribute to this observation. Historically the roles females play in various intelligence agencies have been downplayed due to the historical view of women as inferior, the different standards society holds for men and women, and the role women do play is in intelligence agencies not general knowledge.

The Washington Post report ‘CIA Women Still Hit Glass Ceiling’ and a speech giving by a former House of Representative member entitled ‘Who Will Fight For The Worth Of Women's Work?’ both challenge the societal view that men are stronger and more well abled than women. Geraldine Ferraro,a former member of the United States House of Representatives,gave the speech at an annual National Association of Women Judges meeting. She was the first women to be nominated into national office by a major political party. A...

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...as important as men.
The role that women play in intelligence agencies, though important, is giving little weight in modern society. Although historically women have been treated as a minority it is time for women to step up and to be heard. It is not fair to be treated as less of an asset even when one does the same work as a male counterpart. Both genders need to be treated equally when it come to social matters whether in an intelligence agency or any setting one may find her or himself in.

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