Women in The Workplace

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Women in The Workplace Initially, the first women entering the workplace did so out of desire. In a post feminist, post-civil right era and spurred on by higher levels of education. Women saw jobs and careers as rights that had previously been denied to them. Women were tired of just being "Big Johns Wife" or "Little Johnny's mommy". They wanted to be known the way men have always identified themselves by their jobs, their careers, and the level of success to which they had risen. Status, not salary, was the prime mover of the first wave of women to assault the previously all male worlds of medicine, and the corporate citadel . 1975 The second wave of women entering the job market was motivated less by desire and more by necessity and the need to earn money. Everything cost more now and the amenities of middle class existence can no longer be maintained on a single income. With the rising cost of houses, cars, college, private schools. The economic facts are clear, women must work. Now is the time for women's equality from Congress to all other government and corporate decision-making levels. With men, we get rhetoric, more problems and no answers, but lots of excuses. In the political arena women are making strides throughout America. Although women elected to positions of prominence do not always take pro-women positions, their presence makes a difference. The transnational company that works within government structures and agencies is in an ideal position to use its home country experience working with women managers, and executives to positively reinforce the role of women in government in those jurisdictions where the company has subsidiary operations. Although there are many ex... ... middle of paper ... ...vancement into executive and upper management positions. Women must continue to take a stand for their own independence and equality. With the support of governmental and private support systems, women are being heard. With the impact of technology on society, our future will prove to be similar to that which has been documented throughout history. "Women in the workplace" will continue to exhale. Women's Equality Day is August 26. 2000 was the 152nd. Anniversary of the Women's Rights Movement. References list: Article: Mandel-Campbell, Andrea. "In Peru, Women Making Most of Political Opportunities," in The Dallas Morning News, July 27 1995, p. 13A, col. 1. Article: Solis, Dianne. "Mexico: A Pioneer in the Land of Machismo," in the Wall Street Journal, July 26,1995, p. B1, col. 2. Website: "The National Women's History Project." http://www.nwhp.org.

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