should women be able to join the front line?

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Should Women Be Able to Join the Front Line?
The US constitution states that every man is equal regardless of their race and gender. The ban from 1994 -that prevented women from joining the front line-was lifted on January 24th, 2013 (Harris 1). The recommendation came from the Joint Chiefs of Staff and unanimously won (Roulo 1). Even though 14 percent of the military`s 1.4 million are women, they are still asking to fight on the front line (Harris 1). Women should fight in combat situations because they have changed people`s mind about war and everyone is given an equal chance; however many women cannot meet requirements set by men.
Women have changed people`s ideas on war for the past two centuries of American history. “People are realizing females have contributed to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan,” stated Professor Megan Mackenzie (Harris 2). Although women are not fighting on the front lines, they help in many different ways in the military such as being nurses and women Air force Service Pilots. In his career, General Martin Dempsey has noticed an improvement in the culture, discipline, and physical prowess since women first joined the military (Harris 2). Leon E. Panetta once stated that women are willing to fight and die alongside men, proving that everyone is committed to the job (Roulo 2). In November of 2012, four female soldiers planned to sue the Department of Defense because the “brass ceiling” was stopping them from proving they could fight (Harris 1). The American Civil Liberties Union and others supported them because they thought the military was discriminating against women (Harris 1). Women have shown that they are committed to helping though their contributions to past wars and battles in American history.

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...mmitting to that principle, we are committing to the American values that men and women fight or die for (Roulo 3). Although the ban is lifted on women in war, one can still sign petitions and support others against discrimination and inequality.

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