Essay about Women Are Still Fighting For Equality

Essay about Women Are Still Fighting For Equality

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Since the nineteen hundredths women in America have been fighting for equality within the workplace. Popular belief would make you believe that today woman are equal to men in every aspect in the workplace. Although, this concept should be true in a lot of the cases it is not. This project assignment will reveal how even today woman are still fighting for equality and how gender roles still play an important part within the workplace.
In 1963 president John F. Kennedy signed the equal pay act that mandated man and woman to be paid equally for equal work. That was 50 years ago and if we look at the recent data not a lot of progress has been made since Kennedy signed the act many years ago. The US Census Bureau states that male and female pay differ from one another from 15% to 50% depending on the work sector. According to the AAUW IN 2013 among full time year round workers, woman were paid 78% percent of what men were paid. The gender gap pays affect all woman but it is even more drastic when we compare woman of color. Asian American woman seem to have the lowest pay gap while in Hispanic woman the pay gap dramatically increases to 54%. White males are used as benchmarks for this studies because they represent the largest demographic in United States. It does not matter what the occupation is and it only gets worse as woman age. Woman with high education has helped them increase their earnings but does provide any change within the current wage gap. Within fortune 1000 companies, 90% of the executive positions are currently held by men since the late 1990’s. Although, these are examples within corporation many woman have started to increase their effect within the entrepreneur world establishing new businesses providing a posi...

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... what they should be getting paid.

- According to the national women’s law center more than half of the workers are paid minimum wage. Making the federal minimum wage for a full time employee does not provide the necessary funds in which they can survive. Woman being paid in minimum wage take home $14,500 a year which is close to the poverty line for a family of three. Employers should establish a wage that is higher than minimum wage.

- Research from catalyst which is a website that helps the advancement of woman in the workplace has discovered that woman graduate college with end up with lower level jobs than there men counter parts. Because of this there wages suffer dramatically which is a major reason why the pay gap exists. Managers need to higher woman into higher paying positions and stop using them for stereotypical jobs that offer no career advancements.

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