Essay On Gender Expectations

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Gender Expectations The expectation of gender role in society causes insecurities and depression because sometimes we are not able to do or to be what others expect from us. This is something men and women have to battle everyday and as much as we can agree that time has changed, gender roles expectation is something we still see today and we are still subjected to obey whichever gender role we were born with. Women need to follow the demands of beauty and to become housewives while men needs to grow muscle and make money. Today we may not live like the ancestral ways but the oppression of gender roles is still a big issue. It is like there is this set of rules for each gender since they are born even though they are not written they linger…show more content…
Men feel pressure to fit in the category of what society describes as a man. They have the responsibility to be first in everything. Showing emotions should not be a part of men life. Men need to focus on their role to be the strong sex. Crying its weakness and its only meant for women. The other day I overheard my daughter’s grandmother asking her grandson why he was crying, she told him that he should not be crying for everything because that is only for girls and that he needed to learn that boys don’t cry. This action really pissed me off, how she dare to tell the little boy who is only 8, that he is not suppose to show how he feels because he is a boy. This is how society put in our mind since we are little the way we are suppose to act. I couldn’t agree more with Carlos Andres Gomez that states in his essay Confronting the Superhero Myth, “we need men who are striving to grow and learn and ask questions and risk being wrong and be humble and be better today than they were yesterday”. Indeed, we need men that are equal to women and that don’t feel less because of it, and this includes how they feel. There is nothing wrong with crying or showing your emotions. Being able to express yourself only shows how strong you
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