Argumentative Essay On Gender Equality

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Women have fought through torture, blood, sweat, and tears to help women stand strong in our modern day society. However, our society has turned into an argument between some men and women when The subject of gender equality is brought up. in mentioned some Men in our soci - ety see women as toys that will be a slave for them and do anything they most desire, but they cannot see the strong wisdom women bring into this world and to them, of course not all men do this a lot of men in this world do support women and their rights. Even today a man working in the same place as a woman will get paid more for doing the same job. Gender equality for women, even in present day, seems like an ongoing battle. Gender is the identity and roles associated…show more content…
Misandry is the hatred of men by women (Rich and Walker 1), some men and women actually believe that some lesbians or some feminists absolutely hate men and want to take over the world. But only a handful of women wants to do that. Masculism is a com - pendium of ideologies relating to men’s right, from military conscription to father’s custody rights. Though not necessarily an opposite to feminism, it is generally agreed that masculism arose in response to the changing role of women in society (Rich and Walker 1.) The ideal of equality of opportunity does not necessarily lead to equality of outcome, since its aim is consistent with allowing people’s life prospects to be influenced by their values and choices (“Equality of Opportunity” 1). Egalitarianism is the support of equal consideration for all persons (Rich and Walker 1). Egalitarianism deals with the acceptance of any gender or race, it deals with gender equality by simply being the meaning of equal. Luck egalitarianism has it’s critics, however. Given the social forces to which each person is subject, the distinction be - tween choice and circumstance, or between brute luck and option luck, is not always easy to Holeman 6 draw in a plausible way

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