Essay Where My Values and Beliefs Come From

Essay Where My Values and Beliefs Come From

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Everything that I do and plan revolves around my family they are the single most important aspect of my life. They are the ones responsible for what I am today, they taught me to believe in God, that family always comes first, education is the key to a successful life and that I should always be happy with what I have. All my beliefs and values revolves around those concepts, hopefully being part of a diverse society has made me a better person and more understanding of others.
My values and beliefs come from a combination of what my parents instilled in me and what I have come to learn throughout the years. I was born into a family that it is really conservative, most of my views derived from them. I like to think that I am open-minded about other cultures and races, I support equality for all, it does not matter if you are gay/lesbian or your skin color is different from mine, I believe that we are all equal. I believe in God, but I do not limit myself thinking that “my God is the only God” I try to understand other religions as well. I lived ten years in a country in which I did not have contact with other cultures, the first time that I came to the United States it was really hard for me to adapt but my peer made it easy. The other part of my values and belief comes from living in a country where there are people from around the world, understanding other cultures and races, is what sets you apart from others. Being able to speak different languages, knowing the customs that other people practice, are instruments that you use to better yourself.
My goal is to finish my degree in two/three years and start working right away. My dream is to volunteer in a country in Africa or Asia or go back to Honduras and teach for a year and...

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... dish. The teacher made sure it wasn’t about just the food, but us understanding its importance and value the dish had in our culture, and at the same time we learn more about our own culture. The only downside that my teachers’ colleagues found was that the students were going to be more interested in eating that in the explanation. In some cases the activity is more about the children having fun and sharing their culture with their classmates. It is guaranteed that the child will learn even if the mother is the one doing the dish since the children need to do the explanation of the dish. Therefore the child will have to know what their mother is preparing and why. I have seen this activity in a lot of elementary schools, and even in high school. It is a great way for children to start understanding not only their own culture but their classmates’ cultures as well.

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