Importance Of My Values And Philosophy

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My Values, Philosophy, Dreams, and Calling
My personal vision of the future is not something I have taken a significant amount of time to ponder in the past. I have general ideas of where I see myself both personally and professionally in future but have not identified specific steps to get there or pondered why I want to be in that situation. When taking on this somewhat daunting task of identifying my future self it is important to identify my driving values, philosophy, dreams, and my personal calling. Self-reflection on these characteristics and preferences are key to a developing a successful picture of the future.
The first step in creating the picture of my future is to evaluate values, beliefs, and desirable personal characteristics.
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We all spend a large portion of our week at work and sometimes that amount of time can skew our priorities. However, at the end of the day it is family that is really important. Early in my career the perception was that in order to get ahead you had to be the person putting in the most hours. I would often come in early and stay late to show my commitment. However, over time this perception has changed and I have found that it is not true that putting in the most hours makes you the best employee. The birth of my son six years ago really changed my perceptions and priorities. When my husband and I were both focused on our careers it was easy to get in the pattern of working long hours, but once you have a child at home you have a very good reason to not spend every waking hour working. I have discovered the true importance of work life balance and contrary to my old beliefs I think it has actually made me a better employee. I am motivated to do my best when I am at work, while working very efficiently and with a purpose. I am much happier in general with the balance and my family is also happy. This value will continue to be of great importance to me for the remainder of my career. I think it also makes me a more compassionate and empathetic leader and my employees respect my values and want to also do their best while they are at…show more content…
Family happiness is obviously central to my own happiness and my dreams for the future hinge on that value. In fact, everything really ties together. I want to have successful upward growth in my job role and dependability and honesty are a way to get there. Having a successful career will also make it possible to have long-term financial stability which is very important to me. When I completed the activity “27 Things I Want to Do Before I Die” in Becoming a Resonant Leader it became quickly apparent that what I enjoy the most is traveling (McKee, Boyatzis, & Johnston, 2008, p. 78). Travel means so much to me and my family and is something that we all greatly enjoy. My dream is that in the future we will have the financial means and ability to travel the world. I would also like to retire at by the age of sixty and enjoy my
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