Personal Values: Personal Beliefs And Biases

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Personal Beliefs and Biases As human beings, we all have our own personal beliefs values, and attitudes that we developed and embraced throughout the course of our lives and learned from the culture in which we raised. The experiences, social interactions, relationship, family, friends, and community that we have attached with contribute in many different ways to the sense of who we are and to the view, we have about the world in which we live. The beliefs that we have are an important part of our personality and identity. They can be many things, may be religious, cultural, or tribal. Rajagopalan, P., & Gurusamy, S. (2015) describes, beliefs are important for people, because they show how we live our lives and who we are.Personal beliefs comes from life experiences but often we don 't realize that the early experience is not the same as what is happening in our life now. Our values and beliefs affect, our lives in a lot of different ways, because what we believe is what we experience. We tend to think that our beliefs are based on reality, but it is not, our beliefs that guide our experiences. Bias is a tendency, inclination, or outlook to present a partial perspective, often accompanied by a refusal to consider the…show more content…
Tennille, J., Solomon, P., & Blank, M. (2010), During interventions, for persons with SMI, case managers were generally unskilled in conducting assessments and tended to focus on ‘‘spoiled identity 'and illness parts of their consumers. In addition to those professionals need to be aware of their own biases and personal beliefs, and be willing to accept professional values and avoid trying to impose their own ideas and beliefs on their clients. Being honest with clients and recognizing that each of us have "built in" tendency to be bias is also necessary to establish good working relation with

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