Cultural Beliefs

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Our culture and surroundings influences how we perceive the world. Each family has a different set of beliefs and moral codes, when we are born into a family we tend to take on the certain religion or beliefs of your family. When we are young we don’t question these beliefs, but as we grow older we can see that most beliefs or religions we have been taught do have flaws in them, so we question it. With the world becoming more and more multiculturally people are beginning to question their beliefs and start to learn new ones. Beliefs form a mental representation of the world around you. Culture has many different meanings for some it means the appreciation for a practical art music or literature, for others it’s the human behaviour patterns. Culture is very powerful it represents who you are, but it’s easily lost due to the world changing constantly.It’s great to have different cultures in the world; it gives us all more exposure to people’s way of life and their languages, which leads to a greater acceptance for peoples beliefs and makes the world more diverse.I believe that people’s beliefs are influenced by their culture and family. People have different views on what shapes your moral codes and beliefs, which causes conflict between countries. No country has the same culture or way of life which then affects their beliefs and what they see as morally right. This can then lead to disagreements between countries, which can then lead to war between nations.

Acceptance of other peoples beliefs is becoming more prominent, because of the rapid global communications, all you have to do is turn on your television. French was once the language of trade now the English language is becoming more dominated. Western traditions are spreadi...

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...language, religious belief, sex or race. The same rights are given to both men and women. Australians are giving the freedom of religion and the secular government.
Australia is predominantly Christian country, about 64% of Australian citizens are christians but as I said before it has great acceptance for lots of other religions, and other religions are allowed to practices them, As Australia has no national view on religion people are free to chose to practice any religion they want, they can also chose to not have a religion
As you can tell Saudi Arabia and Australia have very different cultures which not only affects their religious beliefs but also their day to day beliefs. Funnily enough Australia and Saudi Arabia have strong communication bonds, Australia is the the second largest market in Saudi Arabia. Saudi arabia is an important trader for Australia.
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