Essay on The University Of Seoul Exchange Program

Essay on The University Of Seoul Exchange Program

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For a long time, I have always infatuated myself with different cultures and backgrounds. Because of my passion for learning foreign languages, I love interacting with people who come from different cultures. A professor from the International Business department once told my class, "San Francisco State has one of the best study abroad exchange programs and you should take the opportunity to study abroad as an undergraduate." Thanks to those words from my professor, I believe that studying abroad will give me the chance to explore while learning about the culture and custom practices of a society that is different from San Francisco, the place I grew up in. After taking some time to decide what programs I would like to study abroad, the University of Seoul exchange program in South Korea has definitely caught my interest because of the Korean language courses offered there. When I started college, I had an interest of learning the Korean language. San Francisco State never offered any Korean language courses for students to take and I was a bit disappointed by that. Participating in...

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