Persuasive Essay On Immigration

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With the recent Paris attacks and rumors of foreboding ISIS attacks, the topic of immigration comes up quite often in conversations. Topics such as how the immigrants should be dealt with, what exactly are the benefits and/or detriments of immigration, Donald Trump’s immigration plan, et cetera are usually discussed. With immigration gradually becoming a trending issue, various people have expressed their thoughts through means like social media and news sites. Joining this movement, this will be another text on the topic of immigration. The benefits of immigration will be presented, false information will be proven wrong, and why some people oppose immigration will be explained and discussed. Immigration should be widely accepted rather than Economically, immigrants greatly boost an economy by providing new job outlets, more money to companies, and reducing the unemployment rate. A large influx of immigrants will help many companies because of supply and demand, more people equals more needs to be provided. With the average immigrant worker working at lower wages, immigrants reduce the amount of money a company loses when paying their employees. A writer at The Fiscal Times connects this idea by claiming, “Without the immigrant labor, prices consumers pay for hotels and restaurants would be substantially higher (Furchgott-Roth).” Other than keeping vacations and dinners cheaper, immigration has yielded great results in the field of education. With a majority of immigrants relocating with their family or having a family in the new country, it is highly likely for them to send their offspring to school so that they can have a good education. This bodes well for the high school and/or college they attend because the children increase the graduation rate, which is one of many factors people use to determine how good a school is. Once acquiring a higher education, many of them will decide to open up their own business or wander into the job market. The former option has yielded excellent results for the United States, with immigrants owning almost one in five of the small businesses in America (Bass). The latter keeps a The biggest against argument has been that immigrants are using up the nation 's resources. Many people worry that with the large influx of immigrants coming to countries like America, they will be left with no resources as a native-born citizen. A government’s job should be to accommodate to the citizen’s reasonable needs. Once they realize resources are being consumed more than the production rate, implementing new laws to produce more resources can easily be done. Also, legal immigrants pay taxes, meaning the government receives more funds immigrants are coming legally. With more funds, the government can provide to the needs of citizens better, eliminating the fear of running of out of resources. Another argument is that immigrants who are living in a country illegally wasting the government’s money. An example is that the children of illegal immigrants attend schools that are funded by tax paying citizens, the loss of money could go to getting new books rather than to be given to students who do not pay taxes ("Negative Effects of Illegal Immigration"). However, an illegal is an illegal, they do not get the benefits of being a citizen. Take a look at Canada, a country that is well known for giving its citizens free health care. Illegal immigrants would not receive free healthcare, meaning that they will have to pay for all

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