How To Change The Public Higher Education System

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The education system has been changing in recent years and the same problems that existed continue to get worse as years pass. Problems that were seen as minor at first have now grown. How to change the public higher education system has been a major topic of discussion but there has still been no major action taken. We struggle to figure out how much funding is needed for higher education and where it should come from. Our people continue to suffer from an underfunded high cost system. The wealthy minority of people continue to be the only ones accounted for and it is time to change this. We need to adapt to the changes and the costs that continue to rise. It is time to help the struggling middle and lower classes. I believe that the best…show more content…
Free higher education will help education live up to the reputation of leveling the playing field and providing opportunity to move up in society. It is something that will reward hard working kids with no debt and set them up for the future. It will allow students to focus on their school work and will eliminate the need to have to work to pay for school. This will help their success rate and help people graduate on schedule. Free education will also stop the student loan crisis that has now surpassed credit card debt. Free education is something that is very important for our people individually and as a whole. Our country will end up as a smarter, more powerful society. It is up to us as a country to take responsibility and look out for our country. We need to keep up with the country’s that are passing us in education and build a brighter…show more content…
However, with this being said the changes will come easier because a lot of money needed already exists. The most obvious is that this plan will save billions by eliminating the majority of student loans.(Meisenhelder) In 2010 Huffington post reported over 40 billion dollars would exist if tax subsidies for higher middle class and high class families were eliminated. (Meisenhelder) With free higher education the need for some of these tax breaks will be eliminated allowing the government to collect this money. (Meisenhelder) They also went on to report that billions of dollars are lost because of the college saving plans that wealthy families take advantage of each year.(Meisenhelder) Despite the money that will be present just from change it will not be enough to cover all the costs. With this being the case we will need help from all social classes and not just the rich. The tax increases will come mainly through income and will increase while salaries increase. This plan will most definitely not be popular with the rich, but there is no way to satisfy everyone completely and this is what I believe is the best compromise. The tax hikes need to be looked at in the bigger picture rather than the immediate future. The taxes are something that are for the greater good and I believe will help us as a country in the long run. The hikes will be done over a twenty year span and will increase

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