Persuasive Essay For College Education

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Education is a huge topic of controversy, society is always trying to reform what we know as education today. Right now, the first 12 years of education are entirely free for students directly, but in the end are paid for by the taxpayers of the town. The question is, why should only grades k-12 be free why not a college education too? On the other hand, there are some exceptions to free schooling at the k-12 levels. The most prominent being, Private schooling, most towns in the United States have at least one if not many private schools. They require a certain amount in tuition for each of its students every year. An example of this, in my town Salem, NH one of the most known private catholic schools is St. Joseph 's. I had a good friend a few years back…show more content…
Many students take their high school years for granted and do not always pull off the best grades. But then when they get to college, or a higher degree of education than high school they start to straighten up. The reason being is because after high school everyone can choose what it is they want to spend the rest of their life doing. The classes they take, are of interest to them rather than all of the required ones in high school. For this reason I feel that students are more likely to take college seriously and not just because of the money. A pro of a paid for college education is that since all of the students pick their own majors, all of these majors come with specific professors who specialize in his area. In high school there are often a lot of bitter teachers who just need the money, they do not actually like what they do which can be disheartening to a student trying to get somewhere in life. In college, it is refreshing to be taught by people who specialize in the fields we want to study, and who choose to be their because they like their subject and they like to
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