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    usually identified as the perpetrators of oppression. Hence, the practice of liberal individualism by the rich must be considered a moral crisis for society, if in fact the rich have been getting richer at the expense of the poor, as it happens in South Korea. After all, poverty is known to rob the afflicted of their basic human rights, such as access to clean water, food, shelter, healthcare and acquirement of good quality education. Such people are described as ‘underprivileged.’ As the following

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    Environment and Policy The legacy of South Korea With an amazing economic development during the last 50 years, Korea is now a modernized vibrant nation that still maintains its traditional culture. Korea has a long history that could date back to 2333 B.C. Koreans are largely ethnically homogenous which made their culture highly concentrated. The culture of South Korea is a combination of modern culture and traditional culture. The traditional culture is from the culture of Korea, which shares the same culture

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    Country Attractiveness of South Korea: Economic Review The economic growth of the South Korea is often seen as a miracle. Korea has ascended from the annihilation and fiasco of Korean War in the 1950s to currently being 12th largest in GDP. The data from the Statistics Korea show that from 1960 to 2013, GDP per capita jumped from mere $1,417 to $21,562 (Central Intelligence Agency, 2014). This remarkable economic growth contributed to the substantial reduction in Korea’s labour income inequality

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    Education in South Korea South Korea has come a tremendously long way in their education system, from the time World War II ended, up until the 21st century. South Korea began to reform their education system after independence from Japan into a more Western influence system. The biggest decision made about the reform was to organize and install the new education system into 4 different stages. The first stage, Universal Elementary Education, went from 1945, after WWII, into and through the 1950’s


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    South Korean people in general are known to be very religious, “They are practical people, they have tried different ways to reach a fundamental korean ideal: a sense of harmony and balance of everything”(PBS, It is because of that practicality that there is no dominant religion in south korea since there seem to be many religions to choose from. That was not always the case, however, since in the beginning of South Korean religion it seemed that a majority of the South Korean population

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    POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC ISSUES AND RESOLUTIONS South Korea has a strong $1-trillion economy; it is the third largest market in Asia, behind Japan and China. It also has the 13th largest economy in the world. It is expected that the economy’s current upward trajectory will continue for some time to come. This makes South Korea an attractive market for foreign investment, especially as the world economy, as a whole, continues to improve. Dunkin’ Brands, Inc., a global player in the fast food business

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    South Korea History Korea’s original name, Choson, Meant “land of the morning calm.” The country’s history has been shaped by frequent invasions from its neighbors. Korean history is divided into three main periods: the silla (668-935), Koryo (935-1392), and Yi (1392-1910) dynasties. The name “Korea” is derived from the middle dynasty of Koryo. Foreign influence-direct and indirect-occurred throughout these dynasties. All of Korea’s foreign overlords-Mongolian, Chinese, and Japanese instituted

  • Is South Korea a Middle-power?

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    Robertson, ‘South Korea as a Middle Power-Capacity, Behavior and Now Opportunity,’ KINU, Vol. 16, No. 1, pp. 151-174 (2007) . Finally after two decades, since it reached its economical and political capacity, South Korea has recognized its ‘Middle-power diplomacy’ as a three strategic triad and also recognized its role in the Multilateralism with other middle powers as well as Australia, a traditional middle power Woo-Sang Kim, ‘Middle-power Foreign Cooperation Research: Focus on Korea & Australia

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    Economy: Economy Convergence of South Korea and US Before Korea is divided into two parts, Korea was occupied by Japan in 1905 and annexed entire peninsula by Japan in 1910. Korea regained its independence in 1945 after Japan surrendered to United States in World War II. The most important to focus is the period after the World War II. A democratic based government was set in the southern part of Korea while a communist government in northern. North Korea invaded to South along with China and Soviet

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    Republic of South Korea has accomplished a high level of economic growth and global integration to develop into a high tech industrialized market. This economic growth has permitted the nation’s rise from the results of the Korean War and into the ranks of the Organization for Cooperation and Development (OECD). In today’s world South Korea is consider the world’s 12th largest economy and the United States 7th largest trading partner. In the next few paragraphs, I’ll discuss several of South Korea’s

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    of South Korea, you most likely think of its lively capital, Seoul. When you think of Seoul, you think of a bustling city much like New York. When you think of New York, one of the things you might instantly think of is traffic. Seoul has immense amounts of traffic as well. However, I am not going to talk about the kind of traffic that makes you honk your horn and swear at the person in front of you, I am going to talk about a type of traffic that is much, much worse—human trafficking. South Korea

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    geography, and demographics—through policies that create a thriving market-oriented economy and accelerate the transition of new technologies, processes, and services to the market (Branscomb and Auerswald 2002). The aim of this assignment is to evaluate South Korea’s innovation policies, in light of its latest ranking as the second most innovative country in the world. This country is of particular interest as it is one of the four Asian Tiger economies, whose rapid industrialisation and growth between

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    South Korea is officially called the republic of Korea. It accompanies the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. Its location is between the Yellow Sea and the East Sea. An artificial boundary called the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separates South Korea from its neighboring country, North Korea. South Korea has a total area of 38,502 square miles. A little known fact is that South Korea is slightly larger than the state of Indiana. The history of Seoul (the capital of South Korea) started early as

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    Seoul, South Korea Weather and Climate The climate of Seoul features a hot summer continental climate with a dry winter, and the temperature differences between the hottest part of summer and the depths of winter are extreme. Average temperatures in the summer are around 25C with an average high of 29C. Rainfall is concentrated in the months of July and August. Food and Drink Vegetarian options are easy to find throughout Seoul. Start here:

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    South Korea has a republic form with the division of powers in the three -room Executive , Legislative and Judicial . Institute Executive South Korea led by the President as head of state and the Prime Minister as leader of government . However , the President has greater authority in state decision-making , domestic and foreign relations . The President has served during the past 5 years . South Korean elections use a system of popular vote and the last held in December 2012 by President Park Geun

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    South Korea has been a long time friend and ally of the United States of America. However, if this were to change there are many key factors that would need to be analyzed if war was to break out between the two countries. This is a brief look into some of the factors that make South Korea the country it is today and how it operates. Looking at South Korea there is a long time line of different forms of government. Today the South Korea we know is not the same South Korea that uses to exist.

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    Traditionally the Koreas were heavily influenced by China. Even being a part of the “Chinese Tribute” system regularly paying tribute to the Chinese emperor and courts. Many countries took interest on the Koreas and by the end of 1905; Japan was the main power of the Korean peninsula. When the Japanese invaded they became an isolated country . Japan ruling was the beginning of the industrial development in the Koreas. By the end of the Japanese rule they were one of the most industrialized nations

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    Neither of these adversaries were successfully able to gain complete control over Korea. The first unsuccessful attempt by the Japanese occurred in 1592. Japan later attempted again at seizing control in 1598 but felt a similar result as their first attempt. During the 18th century, the Korean trade market had flourished with many other nations in commerce and trade. This was beneficial to the country of Korea in many ways because it set the stage bringing more

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    Online Gaming in South Korea The rise of online gaming in South Korea has brought improved economic prospects and notoriety, but at what price? Beginning in the late 1990’s South Korea has quickly become the undisputed king of the online gaming world. Gaming and the culture that has grown up around it are now the defining aspects of the lives of many South Korea youths. While this eruption of online gaming has created revenue for the country and made South Korea a global hotspot for international

  • South Korea Past Vs. South Korea Present

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    Over half million years ago, in the first century B.C. Korea once was a great nation. Three kingdoms ruled. They were the Guguryeo, Baekje, and Silla. The entire peninsula and some of Manchuria were at their beck and call, but since time has changed throughout history, it is now said that Korea was once a great nation as a whole, but now it has become two separate countries with many changes that were highly valued. Those changes that were highly valued are the foundations that lead the two countries