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Understanding Global Education Essay

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There is not one accepted definition of global education. There are several organizations that support global education with their working definition of what it is. The Maastricht Global Education Declaration (2003) states that “global education is understood to encompass Development Education, Human Rights Education, Education for Sustainability, Education for Peace and Conflict Prevention and Intercultural Education; being the global dimension of Education for Citizenship”. The global education project in Australia states that “global education emphasizes the unity and interdependence of human society, developing a sense of self and appreciation of cultural diversity, affirmation of social justice and human rights, as well as building peace and actions for a sustainable future in different times and places”. The global teacher project from the United Kingdom states that “global education is not a subject, but a dimension that runs through the curriculum, an extra filter to help children make sense of all the information and opinion the world is throwing at them”. From these working definitions from these organizations, I would describe global education as a way of approaching how we teach. It’s using a methodology that encourages exploring all subjects in a curriculum from a global perspective to promote awareness in students about global challenges and opportunities so that they would become effective global citizens.
The purpose of this paper is to explain the difference between global education and multicultural education and how teachers can incorporate these concepts in their classrooms. There is a lot of emphasis on incorporating multicultural education in our curriculum. “Multicultural education is a complex approach t...

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