Diversity in Early Education

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One hundred years ago, people did not leave their hometown, much less move their families into multicultural neighborhoods filled with diverse children from all over the planet. However, that is changing. With a more globalized world, minorities are finally represented throughout the country, and diversity is becoming more important than ever. In schools, some has been done to address this drastic reduction in prejudice and increase in opportunities. While completely integrating diversity into classrooms is a challenge due to differences in cultural behavior, and misconceived notions of diversity education, there are many studies which are benefiting multiculturalism and strategies created by these programs to create a truly globalized and united world.
Stereotypes with Professionals
When interacting with people from other cultures, there are many barriers that a teacher has to cross. The first is getting a job when the culture is very different to their own. One example of this is where some cultures value individualism and self-proponents, while other cultures value group efforts and fitting in. Due to these differences, a very exceptional person, might come across as average, while an average person could make themselves seem exceptional. Without the correct impressions teachers are more likely to hire the teacher they “are more comfortable with… because she’s like us”(Guerra 2012) rather than someone similar to Ms. Garcia, an exceptional teacher who did not know the correct social behaviors during an interview. This led to the above quotation, where a committee asked the principal to reconsider his decision to hire Ms. Garcia (Guerra, 2012).
After that same study, the committee who initially did not understand Ms. ...

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