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Multicultural Education Plan of Action
What was something that surprised you about multicultural education?
The thing about multicultural education that surprised me the most was how much opposition there is to multicultural education. I would think, by now, people would be able to see how unbalanced the current educational curriculum is and welcome the inclusion of aspects from other cultures. I have read arguments ranging from, multicultural education is inherently racist to multicultural education promotes Islam and is indoctrinating our youth with terrorist ideas. Like most hot button issues in this country, people in positions of power will use everything possible, including fear-mongering, to further their agenda.
What new insights
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Many times, teachers will make the mistake of pre-judging families from different cultures and misunderstand their communication styles and value systems. In order to prevent such misunderstandings, teachers should not be afraid to step outside of their own culture bubble in an effort to comprehend differences between their own culture and these parents. When interacting with parents, teachers should also embrace the commonalities between the cultures. Everyone deals with work, school, relationships, communication, and life in general. I am a Black man, going to school, raising a family and working, just like one of my friends, who is a Native-American. Often times, the things we see as divisions can actually bring us…show more content…
The cultural diversity in society, which is reflected in schools, is forcing schools not to solely rely on content-centered curriculum, but to also incorporate student-centered lesson plans based on critique and inquiry. This requires multicultural education to a dominant part of the school system, not just an extra course or unit. Further, it demands that learning itself no longer be seen as obtaining knowledge but rather, education be seen as creating knowledge. Multicultural education should be seen as affirming the diversity of students and communities, promoting the multicultural ideas of the United States, and building the knowledge and behaviors needed for students to be a positive and contributing member of society and the global community as a whole.
In order for multi-cultural education programs to achieve their goals, they must aim at knowledge through engagement and inquiry-based activities that build on cultural similarities and differences and life experiences of students themselves. As Nieto and Bode (2013) stated, “True multicultural education both generates coherence and synergy from student and community diversity, and teaches students how to continue to thrive in, benefit from and contribute to the pluralistic world in which they will inevitably

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