Reflection On Multicultural Education

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Multicultural Education Reflection
Multicultural Education According to Bennett (2015), “Multicultural Education is a complex approach to teaching and learning that includes the movement toward equity in schools and classrooms, the transformation of the curriculum, the process of becoming multicultural competent, and the commitment to address societal injustice” (p. 2). Teaching and learning in a multicultural system is designed around collaborative decision making, respect for all parties, and nurturing a cultural diverse society. Multicultural education recognizes and integrates cultural characteristics into the learning environment.
Multicultural Education Dimensions Bennett (2015), advocates that the appropriate application of multicultural
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9). Hence, the advocacy for multicultural education focus is not the content but rather on value each ethnic group places on human rights and environmental issues. Therefore, in a multicultural education classroom the teacher must have a working knowledge of each student’s ethnic beliefs and values about the world around them. Armed without these tools, the teacher may tread into unknown and uncomfortable waters without comprehending they have drowned before they have…show more content…
In this assignment, I worked with students that had been removed from their regular school setting due to discipline issues. The assigned to my caseload were students with disabilities and the school was required by law to provide education opportunities in the least restrict environment possible. Each student would come to an off-site location and receive one on one instruction for two hours per day.
As their teacher, I was responsible for development, implementation, and evaluation of the entire curriculum. Therefore, I met with each student to outline their goals of the program and gain some insight into their background. One student was of American Indian decent and a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation; unfortunately, I had no cultural understanding of multicultural education and she ultimately failed. Her focus was turning 18 and receiving the cash payout from the Ho-Chunk Nation and I saw her less than fifty percent of the time. Years later, I did receive word that she received her High School Equivalency
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