Importance Of Education For Sustainable Development Essay

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Education is an essential tool that provides any possible knowledge to human beings. After many years of globalization, people across the nations began to realize that trends of economic development are not sustainable anymore, so many perceived that education is the key to moving society toward sustainability. Education for sustainable development (ESD) is the key to sustainable development, because education allows everyone to obtain the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape the future in a more sustainable way. ESD is defined as approaching education in a more holistic way with the vision of ‘creating a better world future generations of all living things. However, many have argued that the education is a not a reliable source based on the concept of sustainability. Many people have different views about sustainable societies, various definition of the word ‘sustainable’, and whether or not is it attainable. The lack of consent and definition have obstructed the efforts of bringing education to not anyway closer to a sustainable society.
One of the main focus is here is to educate the younger generation by developing a sense of responsibility for the environment. As youngsters are the heart of sustainable development in the future, whether to achieve it or not--it all depends on them. Education for sustainable development is able to cultivate the youngster’s mindset by inducing the concept of living in a sustainable lifestyle. It not only helps the children to promote a sustainable lifestyle but also allowing them to be more socially concerned about the environment. As far as we all concern, ESD is not only about being eco-friendly; it also includes developing various personal skills such as leadership, c...

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...sustainability. It can be argued that only green (non-green) politicians or parties have a real grasp different dimensions of sustainability and their implications of policies. Evidently, political and education are both important for sustainable development and awareness of understanding different meaning of sustainability should be conducted from young age.
In conclusion, education for sustainable development can help to shape our future. With the continuous support from government, appropriate laws, responsible action by society will together serve and alleviate the major global crises that we face today. The consequences would be dire if individuals are not looking it as critical issues. What is to be left for our future generation if we do not reserve our limited resources? Are they able to find new natural resources that are sustainable? I hardly doubt that.
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