Types Of Elderly Abuse That Can Occur Essay

Types Of Elderly Abuse That Can Occur Essay

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There are five types of elderly abuse that can occur. The types are physical, psychological, sexual, neglect and financial abuse (Fox, 2012). With each type of abuse there can be another type attached. For example, with sexual abuse there can be a psychological abuse present that could send someone into a state of depression. Clinicians have the responsibilities to: the patient, interpret findings and recognize patterns of harm and promulgate the issue in wider professional and public forums. Clinicians are responsible for the employees and the patients housed under their care. The clinicians are required to report and unusual findings they find within all staff and patients to the individuals in charge. When dealing with nursing homes or facilities that house the elderly, the facilities sometimes offer different forums or programs that can help the individuals deal with as many problems they are facing due to the abuse that they have encountered.
Frazao, Correia, Norton & Magalhaes (2015) conducted a retrospective study through the analysis of forensic medical exams that were performed in the North Forensic Medical Services of Portugal between the years 2004 and 2013 on elderly individuals allegedly victims of physical abuse in an institutional setting by a caregiver. The results of the study were that 93.2% of the alleged cases were against the institution and not the particular individual. The study also found that 79.7% of the victims were female, the age range was 75 or older (75.9%), had a sever disability (55.9%), and 47.2% were unable to communicate. From the study that was completed, only 6.8% of the alleged cases there were medical findings that suggested physical abuse.
Neglect Abuse
Marie-Antoinette Sassou (2015) state...

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...t that he wants everyone to treat the elderly community like they are our mothers and fathers. The elderly people are the ones who put their all into society for this current generation and generations to follow to live how we do and will in the future.
The abuse that the elderly community is receiving is abuse that no one should go through no matter what age you are. The elderly people do not need to be targeted because they seem to need more help with everyday life than the average person. The fact that they need a little more help than the average person should be a reason to look after them and take care of them because people never know when they are going to be in that same position. One day everyone is going to need the help of someone and no one wants to be taken advantage of or abused in any way. Everyone should want to be treated with respect and fairly.

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