The Benefits Of Euthanasia

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Should opting out of life be an option for those who are sick or hurt people? With euthanasia, that is something now available for terminally ill patients. “The definition of euthanasia is the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma, or the intentional termination of life or the intentional interruption of procedures intended to prolong life by a physician” (Oxford Illustrated Companion to Medicine). Other names it is known by is mercy killing, or assisted suicide. It is also referred to as quietus, meaning death or something that causes death, but is very rarely called that (Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia). Euthanasia is illegal in most countries and almost every state…show more content…
Keeping a person alive who is in pain and terminally ill does not keep the person from a painful death or from dying. Doing so only causes the person to die slower and makes the process of it worse than it would have been. Letting the patient choose the time of their death is not only merciful to the patient being euthanized, but it is also merciful to the family, friends, and loved ones to the patient. In the article “Death With Dignity: Choices and Challenges” by Faye Girsh, it gives an example of a merciful death by physician assisted suicide that puts ease on both the family and the patient as the article…show more content…
Doctors prefer to never have to euthanize a patient. It is a contradiction of everything they have been taught for a doctor to euthanize someone, because a doctor’s job is to do everything in their power to keep the patient alive, not assist them in suicide. The majority of doctors who specialize in palliative care, a field focused on quality of life for patients with severe and terminal illnesses, think legalizing assisted suicide is very unnecessary. This is due to the fact that if patients do not kill themselves, they will end up dying on a ventilator in the hospital under the best possible care available, with people around them trying to keep them as comfortable as possible. Legalized euthanasia everywhere has been compared to going down a slippery slope. Officials believe that it could be done over excessively and the fear of assisted suicide numbers rising greatly is a great fear. This is why euthanasia is such a controversial subject worldwide. But, even though it is a very controversial subject, euthanasia is humane. Every doctor also has a say in whether or not they choose to euthanize a patient or not, leaving only the doctors who are willing to do this type of practice, for euthanizing patients. Medicine and drugs prescribed by a doctor for pain or suffering can not always help a person to the extent they desire, even with the help of doctors

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