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The Elderly individuals face problems like Ageism. The older society is not given the same options in treatment as the younger society. The Elderly who battle cancer do not receive chemotherapy like the younger generation. Some people believe that doctors are genuinely worried about their patients and others believe that age discrimination is the reason of treatment discrepancy (Dockter & Keene, 2009). Almost 50 percent of breast cancer cases are women 65 and older. In the research of those women, only eight percent of those women received chemotherapy. Ageism has been the main cause of the Elderly not receiving adequate treatment. Age discrimination prevents the very treatment that kills cancer cells so the person can survive. Age discrimination is killing people who need the treatment. A research was held for young and older women. Two drugs were administered to treat breast cancer. Epirubicin and gemcitabine are two chemotherapy drugs used on the patients. The research came back with astonishing results. The Young and older women had a positive reaction to the drugs. Dr. Feher’s research shows the drug to be safe enough for young women and the older generation to treat breast cancer (Dockter & Keene, 2009). “Ageism is explained to be as, deep and profound prejudice against the elderly which to some degree, is found in all of us” (Dockter & Keene, 2009). Treatment for elderly cancer patients is thought to not have a profound effect as on the younger generation because of physical or mental health. Many cases have shown the elderly to respond just the same as the younger generation. Suggestions that the expensive treatment should be denied to the elderly and the money saved could be used for better care. S... ... middle of paper ... ...h, for some, on a daily basis. Discrimination happens every day in the United States and in the last years or even days of life. The feeling of love and happiness should be a memory to enjoy. References Macionis, J.J. (2006). Society: The basics (8th Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. Barkan, B. (2007) How elders can rebalance the world Retrieved March 22, 2010 from Gale Powersearch database Dockter, L., Shane Keene (2009) Ageism in Chemotherapy Retrieved March 22, 2010 from Gale Powersearch database Giordano, S. (2005) Respect for equality and the treatment of the elderly. Declarations of human rights and age-based rationing retrieved March 22, 2010 from Pro Quest database Ward, D. (2000) Adult/elderly care nursing. Ageism and the abuse of older people in health and social care Retrieved March 22, 2010 from EBSCOhost database

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