Abuse Essays

  • Abuse Of Animal Abuse

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    Animal abuse is cruel and inhumane. Many people think of animal abuse is only beating animals and hurting them, but there is other ways to be cruel to an animal. Animal cruelty is not only animal abuse, but also neglect. Ignoring, not taking proper care of, and ditching on the side of the road and leaving animals to die are all common forms of neglect. The most common form of neglect is chaining. Many people don't realize that their doing anything wrong when they tie their dog to a tree, but they

  • Elderly Abuse And Abuse

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    In today’s society, especially Long Term Health Care facilities, there has been numerous reports and incidents of elderly neglect and abuse. Although Personal Support workers walk a very thin line between what could be considered neglect and could be considered abuse, there are no rules pertaining to this grey area, which could potentially be the cause of raising incidents. "It was once said that the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of their life, the

  • Abuse In Nursing Abuse

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    Though elderly abuse occurs in many nursing homes, it is preventable. It is the nursing aide 's responsibility to provide quality and comfortable care, free from abuse. Many people are not aware that there are several other types of abuse in addition to physical abuse and many are not aware of the signs. If abuse should occur, anyone who suspects or witnesses the abuse is responsible for reporting it. Knowing the types of abuse, being aware of the signs, and reporting incidents are all ways to prevent

  • Abuse Of Elder Abuse

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    The elders of this generation are more active, more involved, and more independent than in the past. Today, they are living healthier and longer lives. However, even though the population of older Americans rises, so does the occurrence of elder abuse and neglect. The mistreatment of older adults is found throughout all “socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic groups in the United States and across the globe” (Touhy & Jett, 2012). It can be seen in any kind of family and in many different settings, as

  • Elder Abuse

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    ELDERLY ABUSE Elders’ mistreatment has become a major issue to the US health care system few decades ago after the passage of Medicaid & Medicare Legislation Act under SSA Title XX that amplified the existence of human abuse (Wangmo, 2010). This research paper is to analyze the challenges of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation by the perpetrators. In the US alone, there are 700,000-1.2 million/annually elders abused but only 450,000/year new cases gets reported. The main goal is to focus on types

  • Animal Abuse

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    seemed like an average, ordinary man. One night however, he was accused of splashing beach on a small dog, and wrapping the dog’s mouth with duct tape. His goal was to discipline the dog. Gonzales was caught and arrested for abusing the animal. Animal abuse is an occurring problem in the U.S. But can be prevented if we take action. Robert Gonzales is only one of many people to commit animal cruelty. Kevin Brunson was also accused of harming an animal. He starved his dog, Rambo, until he weighed only

  • substance abuse and child abuse

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    thinking becomes clouded, emotions are mixed up, and movements become sloppy. It is not a safe situation to involve yourself in, let alone any loved ones, such as children. Why do parents put their children in these types situations. Out off all child abuse cases in the United States, nine out of ten have alcohol as a major factor. That means that if they look at one hundred cases, ninety of them will involve alcohol is some way, think off all the damage that alcoholism alone causes, think of the tragedy

  • Bully's Abuse

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    they will be continuous pick victims to make themselves feel more powerful. Because of this behavior, victims could be subject to verbal, physical, and emotional abuse for long periods of time. Being subject to abuse over a long period of time, a bully’s victim can develop depression, become socially isolated, and

  • child abuse

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    Do you think spanking a child is child abuse? Well, I do. Let’s say your 7 year old son did something wrong. How about he made a kid cry at school. Instead of spanking him for punishment, how about you sit him down and explain what he did was wrong. I believe he will benefit more from being told that what he did was wrong than to be spanked. With some kid’s childhoods, it starts out as spanking, then leads to other things that are much worse. It could turn into beating, slapping, and punching. This

  • Mental Abuse And Emotional Abuse

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    Mental abuse or also known as emotional abuse can hurt just as much as physical or even more in my opinion. I personally have witnessed and have been victimized by emotional abuse. When I was little around 3 or 4, my parents split apart because my dad would drink and cause commotions in our family. When they divorced and I got a little older, I was able to see him every weekend or every other. Whenever I would go to his house I remember having horrible nights, because he would start drinking around

  • Drug Abuse

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    Drug abuse dates as far back as the Biblical era, so it is not a new phenomenon. “The emotional and social damage and the devastation linked to drugs and their use is immeasurable.” The ripple of subversive and detrimental consequences from alcoholism, drug addictions, and addictive behavior is appalling. Among the long list of effects is lost productivity, anxiety, depression, increased crime rate, probable incarceration, frequent illness, and premature death. The limitless consequences include

  • Emotional Abuse And Emotional Abuse

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    Emotional abuse is considered to be any act including confinement, isolation, verbal assault, humiliation, intimidation, infantilizing, or any other treatment which may diminish the sense of identity, dignity, and self-worth (Healthy Place, 2012). Emotional abuse is also known as psychological abuse or chronic verbal aggression. Emotional abuse can happen to anyone at any time in their lives. Children, adolescents, and adults all are capable of experiencing emotional abuse. Just because emotional

  • Ecstasy Abuse

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    Ecstasy Abuse For many people the drug of choice would be marijuana, but in recent years that trend has been changing. The drug of choice for today’s young adults is MDMA or ecstasy. Unlike marijuana which has long term affects, ecstasy can kill a person with one hit. It is a very dangerous drug, and is spreading like wildfire in the United States. Most teenagers take the drug without knowing the side affects such as depression and brain damage (theantidrug.com). With more people trying the drug

  • Cyberstalking and Abuse

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    following provides a synopsis of five recent cases where people have been convicted of cyberstalking or Internet fraud. Each case is analyzed for its relevance in contemporary legal issues, as well as any laws that pertain to the case. Cyberstalking Abuse and Fraud Cases According to John de Leon (2013), on December 17th 2013, a Seattle police detective name David Blackmer pleaded guilty to charges of cyberstalking and domestic violence. Blackmer was having an affair with a woman he met on a dating

  • Drug Abuse And Substance Abuse

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    their children’s development and success. However, there are increasing number of parents who are addicted to alcohol and other illicit drugs in the United States. According to combined results from 2000 and 2001 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (NHSDA), it has been estimated that 10% of children (more than seven million) have at least one parent who is dependent on alcohol or illicit drugs, and that 6% have at least one parent who is in need of treatment for illicit drug use (Conners, Robert

  • Ecstacy Abuse

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    GHB, or Gamma-Hydroxy Butyric Acid is an intoxicating chemical with medical, recreational, and potentially entheogenic uses. It is a normal component of mammalian metabolism. It is naturally found in every cell in the human body and is most properly considered a nutrient. It is believed to be a neurotransmitter, although it is still unknown as to whether it exhibits all of the properties required to be considered one. GHB was first synthesized about thirty years ago by Dr. H. Laborit. He was a French

  • Emotional Abuse

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    Abuse can happen to anyone, at any age, at any time. This is repetitive acts of behavior of wanting to maintain power and have control over someone whether it be through childhood, adolescents, or adulthood. This subject is sensitive as it impacts so many different people around the world. The topic of abuse is not just a family matter, it comes in all forms, such as sexual, emotional, and physical. Abuse is accompanied by the long term emotional tolls, especially on children because their brains

  • Elderly Abuse

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    writing this paper. In the United States most of the abuse has came from nursing homes, but in Japan more than likely the abuse is coming from the offspring of the elderly. Even though both governments’ officials are trying to pass new laws to protect the elderly, the abuse continues. There are groups that are forming up to help support the elderly in the United States. The people of Japan are not doing as much as they should because the abuse happens behind closed doors and the family member will

  • Ecstasy Abuse

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    Article 1 C) Source of Article: Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Title of Article: Navy Medicine Steps Up to Help Prevent Ecstasy Abuse A)     Talks about how the military is not protected by ecstasy abuse. They may have a zero tolerance mentality about it but that still does not stop people from accessing it. The Navy found a medicine that makes hiding of having the trace of ecstasy on a person harder to hide. They found a better way to detect ecstasy with a certain drug exam that is ahead

  • Verbal Abuse

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    from verbal abuse cannot be seen as they are psychological wounds. These psychological wounds that we receive embed themselves deep into the way that we view the world and can stay with us forever. The fact of the matter is that words may not cause us physical pain but they cut deep into us and cause much more pain and suffering than physical wounds. Because verbal abuse can cause so much pain and suffering it is vital that as individuals we know and understand exactly what verbal abuse is. Verbal