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  • Norman English And The English Language

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    nearly-detrimental effect on the English language, as up to 85% of the Anglo-Saxon vocabulary was lost after the Conquest, due to the influence of their language. Nonetheless, two hundred years after the Norman Conquest, it was English that emerged as the language of England. Even though it is evident that English was deeply transformed by Norman French, so too was Norman French deeply transformed by the Old English of the Anglo Saxons. A milestone in the transformation back to an English-speaking nation was

  • English: The Origin Of The English Language

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    It is believed that the English language is derived from the Anglo-Frisian dialects from West Germanic tribes who were situated in North West Germany and the Netherlands when they invaded the Celtic ruled Britain. When the group Germanic tribes drove out the native Celts in Britain, they started to interact with one another. Since they speak similar languages, the language fused together overtime to create what we know now as the English language. English belongs to the West Germanic branch of the

  • Standard English In The English Language

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    write in the classroom. The problem is that many teachers advocate the use of Standard English in the classroom and do not permit students to speak in their own voice, which leads the students to totally silencing their ethnic voices. According to Horner and company by privileging Standard English as the main dialect, all other dialects are devalued, but this is also difficult to avoid because Standard English dominates society, in both textbooks and media (Horner, et al 305) During the late

  • Importance Of English Language

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    English is widely recognized as a global ‘Lingua Franca’. It holds the unique position of being, the most important world language. The cultural, economic, military, scientific and technological importance of the United Kingdom and United States of America has given English special status as a language of international communication. English is the first language in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and West Indies. In India English has got the status of second language as it is wrongly

  • Ebonics In The English Language

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    Throughout countless ages the English language has been constructed, comprehended, and perfected in so many different ways. For many years including the present time there are well known linguist and many different sorts of writers who have studied the English language to the absolute core. These linguists as well to writers have researched how different cultures, people with different backgrounds had taken the English language and converted it in their own types of speech, slang, dialect and grammar

  • The Importance Of English Language

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    Because Ethiopia has more than eighty different languages, I was lucky enough the majority of my life to speak more than three languages: Gurage, Tigrinya and Amharic, but not English. Growing up I did not have the opportunity to learn English until fifth grade because public school did not teach English, unlike private school, which did. Private schools were only for privileged students. Until the age of eleven I did not know anything about English. During the summer of fourth grade I went to the

  • Essay On English Language

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    The Foreign elements in English Language English is a West Germanic language brought to Britain by Germanic invaders. A majority of the words used in English today are of foreign origin. English still derives much of its vocabulary from Latin and Greek, but we have also borrowed words from nearly all of the languages in Europe. A large portion of the modern English vocabulary has come from the Anglo-Norman languages. English is considered as a ‘’borrowing’’ language. English has gone through many

  • Essay On English Language

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    place or language or for a different audience, how and why might it differ? This question is an alternative in the major topic: Reader, culture and text. Since this is a very broad question, I would like to narrow it down to a focus question, which allows me to explore this very question in a greater horizon. My focus question is: “How would a newspaper article from The Sun and The New York Times differ from each other, why? Is one English form more correct than the other with respect to language used

  • Modern English: The Expread Of The English Language

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    someone knows a language, they can typically speak the language and understand the words, structure, and the meaning when someone is speaking the same language. Therefore, it would be in the best interest to make sure that everyone is on the same page—make sure that the sentence structure, every words’ meaning, everyone’s understanding of proper grammar is the same throughout the whole world. That’s precisely what the Spanish, French, and Italians did, creating centers for their languages in Madrid, Paris

  • English as a global language

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    Crystal (1997) indicates English is an international language. There is about a quarter of world’s population is already fluent or competent in English. However, as English spreads, the culture and values, which are embedded in English, may also become widely spread all over the world. Pennycook (1994) suggests that English, like all languages, contains cultures and values, so is never neutral. The cultural politics of English, has been transferred through cultural propaganda, development aid and