The Importance of the English Language

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In history, it is displayed that language and globalization can come hand in hand in the means of spreading throughout the world. The English language is mainly spoken in the U.S and Britain as a first-language. However, it is being increasingly spoken around the world everyday as a way of communication. As a result of the British colonialism, the U.S and British pop culture and media, as well as the economic aspect of the world, English has become the global language of communication today. By having so much value and importance, the English language is considered significant in terms of forming ways of globalization and communication. Thus, the result of the three factors influencing the spread of English around the world created a valuable position for the English language to becoming a Lingua Franca. British Colonialism has influenced the spread of English in the world resulting the formation of a global language where people from different cultures are able to interact in a language that isn’t originally spoken in their respected countries’. In the memoir “By any other name”, Santha Rama Rau shows how the British forces colonized India in the mid-nineteenth century, and how the British’s presence greatly influenced the Indians way of behavior. In terms of linguistic influence, the British enforced the teaching of English as a first language as part of the schools’ curriculum (By Any Other Name). By committing this act, the Indian students were able to learn English and become fluent in speaking it, allowing them to apply what they have learned to communicate with the British and others. In addition, the mother tongue was allowed to be taught but wasn’t positioned as a major language to learn. This demonstrates how the deman... ... middle of paper ... Franca internationally. Overall, the business world relies on English as a medium to communicate with different parts of the world, as they would be able to understand the language. In conclusion, the English language is significantly recognized as a global language that has been spread by British colonialism, American and British popular culture as well as the World economy. Those three factors conjoin with globalization through the English language. Because of all the effects English has on globalizing the world, it is identified as a Lingua Franca. Hopefully English would gain more speakers through the years in order to strengthen ties between the world. Works Cited • Mydans, Seth. "Across Cultures, English Is the Word." N.p., 9 Apr. 2007. Web. 24 Nov. 2013. .
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