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  • Music Video Analysis: Lose Yourself By Eminem

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    make a living but there are a couple scenes where it shows him about to preform and Eminem says “I been chewed up and spit out and booed off stage”, buts it’s not because he sucks it’s the fact that he is white and he is a white guy trying to adopt the African American culture of hip hop. The video continues to show Eminem hitting it big. They show this by showing a scene of a beat up bus with nothing in there and Eminem stats in his song “A Normal Life is Boring” and at that moment the bus turns into

  • Crazy fans- Stan by Eminem ft. Dido

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    Released in December 4, 2000, Eminem wrote the song called Stan sending a message to other singers to appreciate their fans since most of them see artists as their role models. When I first heard this song it made me reflect about how someone can change someone else’s life significantly. The rapper Eminem, also known as Slim Shady writes this song from a fans point of view named Stan that constantly writes to his number one artist, Eminem in search for comfort, support and friendship. When Stan

  • EMINEM: How Much Damage Can You Do With a Pen

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    EMINEM: How Much Damage Can You Do With a Pen "Damn how much damage can you do with a pen", says rapper Eminem in his song titled, Who Knew. This song is on Eminem’s most recent and most controversial album, The Marshall Mathers LP. If it possible for one single quote to sum up my research paper, then this quote does it. There exists an intense and extremely controversial set of circumstances surrounding Eminem and his music. Eminem’s lyrics have been intensely criticized lately and have been

  • The Negative Effects of Eminem’s Lyrics

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    The Negative Effects of Eminem’s Lyrics Eminem is a name that most Americans have grown to know about in the last year. Not only for his music, but for the controversy that his music brings. Many people are offended by his lyrics and they believe that he should be regulated in some way. In my paper I will give some background on Eminem, some examples of his lyrics, different points of view, and my personal beliefs on this situation. Eminem is a character whose real name is Marshall Mathers

  • Marshall Bruce Mathers III: The Rap God

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    Marshall Bruce Mathers III, more famously referred to as Eminem or his alter ego: Slim-Shady, is the iconic rap/hip-hop artist who failed the ninth grade three times and quit school to flip burgers at a family restaurant. Mathers doesn’t consider himself as stupid, instead he advises his wide range of listeners to not follow his path. So how does a short order cook become a rapping multimillionaire? Eminem’s early years, his road to glory, the subjects of his songs, and his glorious amount of fans

  • Taking the Rap

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    critics and award ceremonies. The advent of “gangster” rap brought about a new group of rappers with criminal histories and raunchy over the top lyrics. Many rappers today, like Eminem, have highly publicized criminal histories that overshadow the meaningful messages and damage the careers of otherwise model citizen rappers. Eminem became the next hit in rap in 1999 with extremely violent and shocking lyrics that included descriptions of raping and killing his ex-wife and vicious slurs against homosexuals

  • Eminem's Lose Yourself

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    with his skill of rapping while implementing an urban twist on the art form. Eminem includes common poetic techniques such as plot, internal rhyme, assonance and couplets and manipulates them in order to emphasize the message of his song. Through these techniques, Eminem relays a message of persevering through the struggles of life in order to transcend from poverty to success. The use of poetic techniques enables Eminem to reach his audience in a way that encourages them to pursue their dreams and

  • Eminem's Eminence

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    know the famous rapper, Eminem. Many eagerly awaited his return to the music industry; while some hoped to never see his name on the charts again. After a long break from the industry, Eminem made his return in 2010, rising to the top of the charts once again. Critics have claimed his lyrical content is inappropriate and effects the nation’s youth negatively, but his fans argue that he and his 2010 return have been a source of inspiration and encouragement in their lives. Eminem was born Marshall Mathers

  • Analysis Of Marshall Mathers's 'Lose Yourself'

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    motivational feeling for the question he is about to pose for the listener. Eminem sets the stage

  • 8 Mile Film Analysis

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    movie may be for you. B-Rabbit, played by Eminem, is a wannabe rapper from Detroit. He has some problems though: he dumps his girlfriend after discovering she is pregnant; to save money and make a demo tape, he moves into his alcoholic mom’s trailer; he hates his job; and he just choked at the local rap battle. If you listen to Eminem’s music, you’ve heard about his wonderful and faithful ex-girlfriend Kim (Alex). If you’re not familiar with Kim, Eminem explains his feelings for her very well in