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“Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?” Recognized all around the hip-hop community, this popular phrase references the infamous rapper Marshal Bruce Mathers III. Alias Eminem, Marshal Mathers is special because he is arguably the most successful white artist in the hip-hop world. As an a-list celebrity, Eminem is highly admired and considered to be a big time star in Hollywood. His music involves a style of rap that many people relate to and love. However, there are also critics ready to analyze the message that Eminem is offering within his rap lyrics and crude tone. When performing for his fans, Eminem transforms into a passionate artist, and has been given the alternate nickname Slim Shady. It is evident that Slim Shady puts his whole heart into creating his music, through his drive for success. Examining his true accomplishments, some people wonder why Eminem has received so much praise and recognition. While some will make Eminem there idol, still others condemn him and blame his music for containing offensive material and the corrupting the youth in this generation. Are these people being fair with their assessments and accusations? How has Marshal Bruce Mathers III, alias Eminem, alter ego Slim Shady, affected the hip-hop culture as well as this generation in the 21st century?

There is no question about Marshal Mather’s rough childhood. It is apparent even within the lyrics to his own songs that his parents influenced him negatively. He was brought down a dangerous road of

alcohol, drugs and violence. Growing up without a father, Marshal and his mother never stayed in one place for very long. As a result, he found himself constantly moving from school to school. This made him feel like he needed to ...

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...ation from this article because it explains very well how Eminem became successful in this industry, and what he has affected since his success.

White, Russell. "‘Behind The Mask’: Eminem And Postindustrial Minstrelsy." European Journal Of American Culture 25.1 (2006): 65-79. Academic Search Premier. Web. 25 Apr. 2014.

This article presents Eminem as the pre-eminent hip-hop artist of his generation. Within this praise, the article relates to Eminem's relationship to certain constructions of authenticity within the judgmental hip-hop culture. The article goes deep into the reasoning behind Eminem’s coding as ‘white trash’, and his relationship to constructions of post-industrial white masculinity. The information I will use from this article will derive from the portion that examines the critics of Eminem’s work and why they find him to be an offensive artist.

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